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How She Does It: Entrepreneur Shameka Nicole

Shameka Nicole is a woman on a mission. Shameka is the proud owner of Nikki Nicole Virgin Hair and S&D Tax Service, founder of Christine's House, a domestic violence organization, and she is preparing to open The Glambar Hattiesburg.

With over ten years of entrepreneurship under her belt, Wells is now pursuing her real estate license to venture off into that field.

Amazingly, her work has gone unnoticed due to most of it being self funded, but that is the unique thing about Wells. As a single mother of two, she believes in being independent.

The go-getter is passionate about helping other women acquire a wealth mindset, because she knows one is not truly free until they are self sufficient.

She believes this is often why many women stay in abusive relationships, and having been a victim of both verbal and physical abuse, Wells strives to assist and uplift other women in similar situations.

In her free time, Wells enjoys dabbling in all things beauty and spending time with her two boys and two dogs. Wells plans to be completing her hair care line, Silkk Expressions by the end of the year.

Deb Bailey: Thanks for stopping by, Shameka. Please share how did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Shameka Nicole: Thanks for having me, Deb. I was a CNA, and I hated going in to work. I'd cry when it was time to report to my shift, but I had no help and had to support my kids. Once I decided I didn't want to struggle financially and do what someone else told me to do, I wanted to make my own destiny, I began working on my  income tax preparation business and home health agency all at one time. The tax business took off,  but the healthcare agency took a back seat.

Deb: That's terrific. You just jumped right in. Are there any “lessons learned” that you’d like to share?

Shameka: I have learned is to save for a rainy day, say no to family that beg for money constantly, and also don't hire friends and family.

Deb: Who are your ideal clients?

Shameka: My ideal clients are people who understand that I'm not a super rich corporation and don't always want a discount or something for free, and who do not have a nasty attitude.

Deb: You have so much experience as an entrepreneur. What are some of your successes and challenges?

Shameka: Some of my personal successes are not having to shuffle what bills to pay for the month or what to buy or not to buy for my kids, especially things that they need.

Also helping people with their futures and putting smiles on my clients' faces are viewed as successes for me. My biggest challenge would be that I've tried to start building an empire in a small town where everyone knows me, and they are so close minded.

Deb: Do you have any suggestions on how to operate multiple businesses in different industries?

Shakema: Pick things you're passionate about and that relate to your life directly and it's much easier. You don't consider it work. I can't quite say I love numbers, but I'm good at them and following processes. Now anything hair and beauty I love! I'm a beauty enthusiast.

Deb: You have a lot going on. How important is it to have multiple streams of income?

Shameka: It's very important because you need multiple streams of income to live today. They are now necessities, especially as a single mother. One never know when an emergency may happen. Plus I study the success of most wealthy people, and I've  noticed that most millionaires have more than one hustle.

Deb: Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! Please share website and social media URLs.

Shameka: My pleasure, Deb. Here they are.

Facebook: Shameka Nicole
Business page: http://www.facebook.com/nikkinicolevirginhair                
Instagram: @1nikki80

5 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media


Social media is constantly evolving, and the way business owners view social media is changing, too. Social media helps business owners stay on top of latest trends, engage customers in conversation, and more importantly gives you a window into what your audience wants. In order for customers and brands to find you, being unique and standing out online is more important than ever.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, standing out is vital to driving revenue to your business. Using social media is a great and affordable way to build your brand online, drive traffic to your business, and connect with customers.

If you're someone who struggles with social media - or you just feel overwhelmed by it all -you're not alone.

That's why we put together five ways to stand out on social media.

Follow these tips to capitalize on your social media game, and you'll be seeing more traffic to your business in no time.

What do you do to make sure you stand out online? 

Share your tips in the comment section below! 

This article was contributed by Samantha Thayer, BS, CHES. She is the Online Outreach and Education Specialist for USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Find her on Twitter @USANAInc or follow her blog at What's Up, USANA?.

Tara Middleton Founder and CEO of Rare Rubies on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #383

Most notably known for her passion to advance the Kingdom of God, Tara Middleton is a leader whose mission is to empower women spiritually, academically and financially.

Her desire to fulfill her purpose has afforded her the opportunity to become an author, motivational speaker, blogger and a former columnist of “Ask Tara” in On Point magazine. Tara is currently preparing for the publishing of her first book.

In addition to being an author, she is the Founder and CEO of Rare Rubies. Under the umbrella of Rare Rubies, among other functions, Tara is a leadership consultant and life coach for women of all ages.

Tara is a graduate of Francis Marion University where she received her B.S. in Biology and studied the Pre-Medical track. During her time at FMU, she mentored other collegiate women through an organization she co-led called Sister to Sister. Tara is currently serving as a minister under the leadership of her father, Dr. Ja-Don Buckner, Pastor and Founder of Walterboro Christian Center.

Tara left Corporate America and began pursuing her passion. After being inspired by her own life challenges, obstacles and experiences, she was determined to not allow women to remain the victim. Instead she assist them in discovering that they too can be victorious. Who am I? What do I want in life? How do I achieve it? Tara helps individuals answer those questions about their lives. She is a life coach who has an emphasis on counseling others.

Tara draws from her natural abilities as a former educator to coach individuals, motivate, and teach the Word of God with revelation in a way that is easily understood and provokes change. She is devoted to awakening women to their purpose and guiding them as they walk in their assignments. She believes that no talent should go undiscovered and wasted. She endeavors to live life by walking fully in her purpose while living a life of integrity, love and character. She desires to leave no pages un-turned or treasure buried within.

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Twitter : @iamarareruby

Website: www.iamarareruby.com

Instagram: @iamarareruby

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Rare-Rubies-759269670751483/p

How She Does It: Ramona Patterson of Mo-Unlimited

Ramona Patterson started her career as Nail/Stylist Technician at Molar Beauty College in New Orleans, LA.  She later went on to further grow her potential at Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, MS. 

After finishing school she joined a local beauty salon in her hometown in McComb, MS.  Ramona has traveled to many states showcasing her many talents and leaving a lasting impression on those she has encountered.

Ramona is very passionate about people and doing hair, nails and makeup just completes the package of making people feel good about their appearance.

She is inspired by the latest trends for hair and nails and her philosophy is, “I EMBRACE CHANGE” and you will notice that with her hair and makeup, it’s an ever changing style. When you sit in Ramona’s chair you are not just a client to her, you become her friend.

Ramona attends Kelly Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Kendall Poole where she is a member and she is dedicated to her many duties. Ramona is also a youth leader at her church, and most importantly she is a dedicated member of her church.

Ramona is the mother of a beautiful daughter who is currently enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi.  Her daughter is her inspiration and her biggest supporter in her corner as well as other family and friends. In her community, she also serves as a role model for young people mainly young ladies because she loves little girls and she loves to help people through anything.

Deb Bailey: So glad you could stop by the blog, Ramona. Please share how you got started as an entrepreneur.

Ramona Patterson: I'm happy to be here, Deb.
I have always been interested in hair and beauty. I have been doing hair since I was a child, but while in school people would tell me I should stick to one thing, though everything interested me. I have been doing hair for nine years, in the beginning while I loved doing it, I had no identity.

I didn't know I had to brand myself until about four years ago; I thought I was just a hairstylist. Around this same time I met a lady name Ms.Tish Sutton, she guided me on how to build a brand, and I developed the Mo-Unlimited brand. Our slogan is "never limit your beauty". We are growing by the day.

Deb: Any  “lessons learned” that you’d like to share? 

Ramona: Work-life balance is something many entrepreneurs struggle with. When you’re passionate about what you do, and when you focus on happiness, work isn’t just something you do to fund your "real life." It becomes infinitely more enjoyable and meaningful, and significantly reduces your chances of experiencing burnout.

Deb: Very true! Obviously you enjoy what you do. So, who are your ideal clients?

Ramona: My ideal client is someone who allows me to be myself while I'm doing their hair or whatever I'm providing them with. I love when my clients have a strong enough relationship with me that they trust me enough to do whatever comes to my mind, and they know the outcome will be beautiful.

Deb: Building relationships is very important. It's part of growing a business. Speaking of that, what are some successes and challenges you've faced as you've grown your business?

Ramona: My biggest successes would be being invited to host a class as an educator for the Bronner Brother's hair show on multiple occasions, and recently partnering with a close friend of mine, who is also in the beauty industry, and hosting our on hair show, "The Power of Beauty Expo."

The show turned out to be a complete success, and the boss chick herself, Rasheeda Frost, was a celebrity guest. Some of my other successes include developing my own nail product and makeup brush lines. I've also hosted several beauty classes of my own that have been very successful.

Deb: That's great. I've seen pictures from the Bronner Brother's shows -- they're really creative. What is the importance of branding in the beauty industry?

Ramona: Branding is a very important component for success in the beauty industry. In fact, it's probably the most important aspect of building a business.

Your brand represents who you are and what you stand for and is a combination of different ideas you want to convey, as well as how you want to be perceived.

In this day and age, you see products come and go every day, but brands can last a lifetime. That is what I want for my brand, longevity. I want my brand to be inspiring to epitomize quality and integrity.

In the era of social media, you get to building relationships directly and connect with consumers in real time, which I think is a good thing because it gives it a personal touch. Branding is hard work though, I don't want to give the perception that it's going to be easy because it's not. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Deb: You've accomplished so much. Why is it important to continue your education and travel in the beauty industry?

Ramona: The beauty industry is forever growing and changing. As an educator I understand the importance of continuing education. If you're going to keep up with all the latest beauty trends, it is imperative that you keep yourself informed and educated. Education is key, and it never stops. I can not properly educate someone else if I have not first educated myself.

Deb: I've enjoyed our conversation! Please share your website and social media URLs.

Ramona: I enjoyed it too! Here are my links:
Website: http://www.mo-Unlimited.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mounlimitedbeauty
Twitter: @mounlimited23
Instagram: @mo_unlimited23

Annie Abraham Inventor of Jewelinx on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #382

Annie Abraham, medical scientist, has created JEWELINX, an innovative fashion gadget that will save you time and help to pair jewelry with your outfit.

The idea of JEWELINX came to Annie as she struggled each morning to multi-task between taking care of her family and getting ready for work… often forgetting to complete her outfit with her favorite jewelry.

“I really wanted something that would help me organize my jewelry and accessories. Ideally, I wanted to see it displayed on a hanger with the outfit without having to try everything on. There was nothing on the market that fulfilled this need.” states Annie.

“For some women, accessorizing can be a time-consuming challenge. During my morning rush, I found myself constantly forgetting my necklace, ring or a bracelet, which was quite annoying.”

The result was the creation of JEWELINX, the first product from her newly formed company, A Fabulous Idea, LLC.

Jewelinx is a 4.5-inch-long by 3-inch-wide flat jewelry holder that hooks directly onto a hanger to display and hold jewelry. It has protruding prongs on the front for attaching necklaces and below two hooks, which can hold rings, watches, fitbits and bracelets. Several holes allow you to display earrings.

Clearly, Annie’s product solved a common problem. Orders came pouring in. In just over eight months, more than 40,000 Jewelinx have been sold nationwide.
Demands came from everywhere, from bridal parties, to the fashion industry, stylists in TV & film, to name a few. Soon enough, JEWELINX was featured on NBC's Today Show, HSN, CBS, American Dreams, Huffington Post, LA Times, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Enquirer, and Denver Post.

JEWELINX is available in white, black and pink. You can purchase directly through the company’s website, unique boutiques and soon-to-be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

To learn more visit: HangerJewelinx.com

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

by Deborah A. Bailey

Have you ever felt that if you had more money, or more degrees or knew more of the “right people” you’d be okay? Perhaps you feel that you’re too old to go for your dreams. Or maybe you believe you don’t have the advantages that others do.

It’s so easy to become blocked by your own fears and limited beliefs. But what can you do about it?

If you’ve been reading my book, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life,” you know the steps I recommend to create a success mindset. Here are some additional tips:

1. Forget about being an overnight success. No matter what their PR says, most successful people did not achieve success overnight. They worked on building it step by step over time. If you’re holding yourself to some standard that you think you should be following, stop right now.

2. Be willing to make mistakes. Successful people are risk takers. Instead of beating themselves up when they fail, they learn from their mistakes and make better choices next time around. You’ll never know what will work until you are willing to take a chance on failure.

3. Stop waiting for permission. Successful people are leaders. They don’t wait for others to tell them what to do. Ask for what you want. Don’t wait for someone else to validate your choices. If you do, you might be waiting a very long time.

how to get out of your own way

4. Get used to hearing the word, “no.” The way to get to “yes” is to be willing to hear a lot of “no’s.”  The popular series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was rejected by over 100 publishers. Imagine if the creators had quit before their “yes?”

5. Be good to yourself. It can be tough to go for your dreams. Practice self care and treat yourself with respect and love. Successful people believe in their dreams because they believe in themselves. If you see the glass as half empty (or believe that you weren’t even good enough to get a glass) you won’t have the energy to get things done.

6. Release resentment. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Once you define what you want (and believe you can achieve it) nothing will stand in your way. That may sound too easy – but it really isn’t easy to stay focused on our own stuff. It takes work to really believe in what we can accomplish.

7. Define your own success. Success is not the same for everyone. For some it means a certain dollar amount, for others it may mean living in a big house. Believing in one definition of success is a trap. Create your own definition and set your own goals. Only you know what is right for you.

Back when I worked in corporate, my idea of success was defined by my manager or by what I saw others doing. Now, I define it for myself. One of my long-time goals became real when I wrote and published my book, “Think Like an Entrepreneur.”

Are you ready to get out of your own way and create your mindset for success?

“You already know what you want to do, you just have to give yourself permission to start doing it.”- from “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life

Copyright © 2010 - 2016 Deborah A. Bailey

Deborah A. Bailey is a writer, coach, blogger and author of several non-fiction books, novels and a short story collection. She's the creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ , a weekly podcast featured on iTunes and Podomatic. For more information about Deborah and her books visit her blog: http://dbaileycoach.com and her site: http://DeborahABailey.com.  

Success Depends on Your Follow-up Plan

success depends on your follow up plan
by Chris Atley

These simple steps will help you implement a follow-up system that you can start implementing now.

When you know you’re going to a function, make sure you schedule in time the next morning to follow up with the people you met/interacted with there.

For example, when I go to a networking event, I make time the next morning to send emails and make connections on Facebook with anyone I connected with. It’s important to do this right away while you’re still fresh in the person’s mind. If you’re hoping to meet with someone in-person, i.e. for a lunch or coffee, it’s best to reach out right away to increase the chances of making that happen.

Decide what your follow-up system is. As I mentioned above, I send an email and make a connection on Facebook. I do this with everyone I meet and acquire a business card from. In my email, I say that it was nice to meet them and include something personal that relates to what we talked about. This is a nice way to start to build a relationship with them. I like to connect with people on Facebook as well. Since I interact regularly there, it helps me build relationships with new friends, and it helps them get a sense of who I am. I’m in regular contact there as opposed to emailing once and a while.

When I make deeper connection when I’m out – for example people who are interested in learning more about my services or someone who might be a great referral source, I will suggest continuing the conversation and booking a time to either chat by phone or meet in person for coffee/lunch.

This can be done by email or phone and really depends on how you think the other person likes to communicate. Sometimes you may have limited contact information on their business card, i.e. you may be given a phone number or email address only. If I’ve really connected with the person, I usually suggest chatting or meeting when we’re talking in-person. Usually what follows is just booking a time to connect via email.

What to do if someone isn’t responding? I try not to take this personally – believe me it’s hard sometimes – but if you think about how much communication you receive in one day, it’s overwhelming to say the least. Other people are in the same boat. Depending on the person and the type of connection made, I might attempt to call or email one more time and then that’s it. You will get a sense of what feels right. Just make sure that you are following up, because your fear of putting yourself out there can get in the way.

A long-term strategy is to follow up every quarter with your contacts. A little note or card via regular mail is the best way to do this. It’s something different than email and it lets the person know you’re thinking about them and made the effort to connect with them. You can send a note saying ‘hi’ or even a letter every now and then – both are great follow-up strategies. Letting people know what you’re up to and how you help people can be a great referral source as well. Think about a referral incentive you can offer too, i.e. a free session or gift card for every person they refer to you, etc.

I also want to point this out – regarding all of the above suggestions, you don’t have to be too “salesy.” This is just about building relationships. It’s also helpful to think about how you can help the other person move forward. I love connecting people to other resources/people that can help them move forward.

The tips I gave you above relate to having a follow-up system for attending events. If you have a lead – someone who has expressed interest in working with you – that is a different follow-up system entirely.

Maybe we can touch on that in another article. :)

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit www.chrisatley.com.

Lavada Dale: Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Haircredible on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #381

Lavada Dale is a New Jersey native, mother of three, author and entrepreneur. She is the author of The War between My Mind, My Soul, My God and The Tears of an Inmates Wife.

In 2014, Lavada launched Haircredible, a hair care line that caters to women with fine hair and extensions.

Lavada’s entrepreneurial journey began in the beauty world as she experienced some difficulties with hair growth and balding.

This traumatic experience led to countless unsuccessful doctor appointments, steroid shots and trial and error with several hair products.

The lack of products that worked for Lavada’s fine, limp hair gave her the idea to start a line that catered to similar textures. This journey soon consumed her as she received feedback from women via social media regarding the lack of emphasis on multicultural women with fine textured hair.
Lavada has taken her experience as an entrepreneur and passion for empowering women to launch the #MyFineHairisBeautiful campaign to ensure this demographic is not left out of the conversation amongst beauty enthusiasts and influencers.

It is her goal to build awareness about the Haircredible brand and ensure women know they have many options for beauty products.

Haircredible products are currently sold online at Haircredible.com and shipped throughout the country.

To learn more about Lavada Dale and and Haircredible, follow their social media pages:
Instagram: @Haircredible & @LavadaLegacy
YouTube: LavadaLegacy

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Let It Go Already

by Chris Atley

Letting go can be tough - I so get it. It can sound easy enough – just let go! – but the issue is we have years of beliefs and fears to undo. It can be daunting. The happiness, lightness and sense of peace is worth every second of the grunt work though.

Here are some tips that will help, along with real life examples, and real life examples that will hopefully help you have an ah-ha moment and shift your own internal state.

Get clear on what you’re attached to. When we’re too attached to something there is some kind of fear going on underneath. Shine a light on it. What is the deeper fear? What are you afraid of really? One client was afraid she wouldn’t sell her house – this related back to a fear around money. Once she let go of this fear – she replaced it with everything will work out as it always does – she not only had two showings right away, but she also let go of the heaviness that had been weighing her down.

She created the space for a ton of new business ideas to come in! She had been feeling stuck in that area too and had a complete renewed energy. It was truly fascinating to witness.

Identify the positive intent of the fear. What is its positive purpose for being there? Another client was having a lot of anxiety around not doing a good job on a project – we busted through it and realized the positive intention of the anxiety was really freedom.

We also realized this part of her was very wise about self-care and we wanted to honour it. So you can see even though it’s a fear, it’s not always bad. If you can see the positive and reframe it, you can let go of the fear it’s actually causing. This client completely let go of the “I’m just going to throw in the towel”, and was actually inspired and motivated instead to continue! How amazing!!!

What gets to happen for you when you let go? Let go of the fear that has you tightly gripping what you want. Well for another client, she realized her team functions at a much higher level and the results are actually better then when she tries really hard. It just flows. Magnificent.

The need for approval. This is huge and is often at the root of a lot of the fear for people – thoughts like, what will people think if I screw-up, fail, say the wrong thing, etc. Another client was having a hard time planning for a tough conversation with a large client. There was potential to have to refund the entire project, and at first glance this seemed to be the issue causing the extra stress. After a little digging we discovered it was more about what the community would think if they parted on bad terms. This invited a conversation around who she wanted to be as a leader in her community.

How will she handle the people who don’t necessarily agree with her? Because the more we put ourselves out there, the percentage of people not loving what we do or say rises. So I ask you too – who do you want to BE? What vales are important to you? How will you let go of the need for approval while still valuing respect and connection?

I had my own case of this too. I had been working diligently on a project that didn’t seem to be flowing. I all of a sudden thought, let it go. You are trying way to hard to control the how. So I did, and the floodgates opened as a result. People I had been trying to reach for a year ended up reaching out. I booked a cool new speaking engagement, was invited to run a workshop for a large corporation and to also be a guest on a special call for a large real estate coaching group. Letting go works. It’s because what we put out we will get back. So if we’re putting out stress and worry, we will get back more of that.

On the flip side, if we let go of the fear and replace it with a calm state of trust, the very thing we were trying so hard to control comes flowing in at a rapid pace and often in a better way then we ever could have dreamed up ourselves! It will forever fascinate me. 

Another client let go of the how so much so that she was able to arrange an amazing opportunity in India within just 4 days!!! EVERYTHING came together and her BIG dream of being paid to travel and impact people around the globe came true. YESSS!!!!

This is an internal process. We can make changes to our environment all we want – which is a great start don’t get me wrong – but at the end of the day it’s about shifting what’s happening on the inside that will then in turn change what’s happening on the outside.

Another client of mine was contemplating making a big change in her marriage. Well, when she finally let go of the attachment to it in her mind, it completely shifted for her. She was lighter, happier and amazing opportunities presented themselves in her business.

I share these stories so that you too can experience real life examples of what letting go looks like, and the profound effect it has on your overall happiness -and in turn relationships, health and career.

Namaste friends xo

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit www.chrisatley.com.

Photo Credit: Pensiero via Compfight cc

How She Does It: Lisa Sutton, J.D., Entrepreneur, Investor & TV Show Host

Lisa Song Sutton, J.D., is a real estate investor and entrepreneur, holding ownership interests in several companies in the real estate, tech, retail and food & beverage industries, including Las Vegas' #1 alcohol-infused cupcake company: Sin City Cupcakes.

Lisa currently writes about entrepreneurship and business. Her work has been seen in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and other business publications. She hosts a business driven cable television show called Live With Lisa through Cox Communications.

Lisa’s latest endeavor is the tech company, BrandBridge Org. It is the only app company that allocates 100% of profits to foster entrepreneurs. She also sits on the executive board of Gleaux Inc., formally BioGlow Tech, which has created the world’s first light emitting plant.

In addition to her professional careers, Lisa is actively involved in her community as a former Miss Las Vegas (2013) and Miss Nevada (2014) and serves on the executive board of the Asian Community Development Council. Lisa was recently named a Top 100 Woman of Influence by MyVegas Magazine and was a nominee in the 2016 Las Vegas Women in Tech Awards. Find more information about Lisa at www.lisasongsutton.com.

Deb Bailey: It's great to have you here at the Secrets of Success blog, Lisa! You're doing so many interesting things! How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

Lisa Sutton: Thank you for having me, Deb! While working as a model during college and grad school, I met some outstanding business people and knew I eventually wanted to become an entrepreneur. After graduation and while working  at a law firm, I started my first company in 2012 and have been blessed with this amazing journey ever since.

Deb: Are there any “lessons learned” that you’d like to share?

Lisa: Absolutely. Keep communication in the forefront of any relationship, but especially in business and with your business partners. My co-founder with Sin City Cupcakes is also a good friend of mine and while most warn not to go in to business with a friend or family member, I recommend that you do, because you already know how that person is. You know how they act when they're stressed, when they're upset, you know all of that and it's immensely helpful. But you do have to be sure to communicate.

Deb: I totally agree about communication. That has to be extremely important when you have multiple business interests - and you're a TV show host! 

Lisa: Yes! I am so grateful to Cox Communications. I met their corporate executives when I was Miss Nevada United States 2014. They approached me in December 2015 initially to just host a television talk show. After some consideration, I pitched back if we could tweak it a bit to make it a business-driven television talk show.

I also write for Forbes about women in business and women in entrepreneurship, so I felt that this could be a great avenue to take actionable tips and advice and put it in a television format. Cox agreed and we started filming in January. Season 1 debuted in March, airing 3x per week, and as of June 1, Live With Lisa is on 7x per week! It's on Cox channel 96/1096HD locally in Las Vegas and we also archive on our YouTube site. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to reach a wider audience and help others.

Deb: That sounds exciting. So, what are some of your successes and challenges?

Lisa: In a broad sense, the success of being able to have flexibility and autonomy as a business owner is an achievement I'm proud of. I'm lucky to have amazing business partners in each of the endeavors and certainly don't do it all alone. A challenge...I would say a challenge I have faced and continue to work is my impatient nature (laughs). I think most of us as type-A, very driven and I sometimes leap before I look. It's great to have business and mentors who help advise me to take a step back and slow down for a moment when it comes to certain decisions.

Deb: What’s your vision for where you're going in your business?

Lisa: With the exception of the real estate, for all the companies, at this point in time, it's definitely to build and sell. Whether it's cupcakes, swimwear or real estate, I'm selling a product at the end of the day. I want to continue to scale, grow and make the companies attractive to a prospective buyer.

Deb: That sounds terrific and I wish you much success! Please share your website and social media URLs.

Lisa: Of course! You can find more about me at www.LisaSongSutton.com and my social media handles are @LisaSongSutton on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you so much for having me!

Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success

by Jack Canfield

“Jack, what daily practices have played the biggest role in helping you achieve your level of success?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from almost everyone I meet – from my students, to top CEOs, to the great Oprah Winfrey, who asked me this very question before I appeared on her show.

I find that the most powerful actions I take every day are those that help me shift my attitude, cultivate a success mindset, and keep my most ambitious goals and dreams top of mind so I stay on target and achieve them faster.

Here are the six daily practices I use to stay inspired, keep my energy and confidence high, and accomplish more with greater joy and ease.

Add them to your daily routine and I guarantee you will experience similarly great results.
1. Visualize your goals and intentions

As soon as you wake up in the morning, take five or so minutes to focus your mind on your desires, goals, and intentions. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and visualize what your life will look like once you accomplished your biggest goals and dreams. How will you spend your days? Who will you spend them with, and where?

Spend 30 seconds to a minute on each of your core goals and desires. Focus on imagining how you will FEEL when you have manifested your ideal life. The intensity of this feeling will fuel the intensity of the results you will get.

Once you have that energized feeling of achievement running through you, visualize your day ahead going exactly as planned and moving you closer to your goals. This will motivate you to stay on target and accomplish so much more during your day.
2. Use external images to keep you focused

Another powerful way to keep your biggest, most ambitious goals top of mind is by surrounding yourself with visual images of the experiences you want to create in your life. There are many tools you can use for this, but my favorite is creating a vision board.

Cut out pictures of the things you wish to own (such as your ideal car or home) and pictures that represent the experiences you want to have (the perfect relationship, your ideal job, optimal health, being at your ideal weight, more joy, inner peace or balance in your life) to remind yourself of the life you’re striving to create.

Put these images somewhere where you will see them every day—on the mirror, the refrigerator, or in a vision book.

For even greater impact, combine your pictures with words that reflect your desired outcome, such as abundance, romance, fun, or vitality.

(My team and I developed a complete vision board system that allows you to create a beautiful vision board for yourself – complete with inspirational words, affirmations, and quotes, and assorted blank templates that allow you to add your own personal messages to your vision board. You can check it out here.)
3. Release negative thoughts

As you go through your day, you might notice yourself thinking negative thoughts such as: “I could never afford that,” “there’s no way I’ll ever get that,” or “who am I kidding?” These limiting beliefs are the result of negative programming from your childhood and no longer serve you. If such thoughts arise in your mind, as you become aware of them, simply let them go. Don’t fight or argue with the thought; just release it.

(If you're interested in learning a powerful releasing technique, check out my book Tapping Into Ultimate Success.)
4. Think a better-feeling thought

When you notice yourself reacting to a person or situation with disappointment, resentment, frustration, or anger, consciously shift your focus to thoughts that make you feel a more positive emotion. Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your circumstances – so the best way to change your experience is by focusing on thoughts that raise your vibration and allow you to become a vibrational match for the experiences you want to attract into your life.

For example, if you want to be happier, focus your thoughts on things that bring you joy – such as your lover, your best friend, your grandchildren, or your favorite vacation spot – and your actions on the things you love to do, such as petting your cat, working in your garden, or listening to your favorite music. Where attention goes, energy flows.
5. Cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”

This is a big one – it’s absolutely critical to take some time every day to focus on what you are grateful for! The more you feel gratitude, the more you will have in your life to feel grateful for. It’s that simple.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes every day focusing on all of the things in your life that you are grateful for—your health, your children, your job, the nice weather, electricity, running water, a nice stereo system, your flower garden, your pets, your friends.

Some people do their daily gratitude practice in the morning, either before or after they visualize their desires. Others prefer to do it in the evening. You may wish to carry a “gratitude rock” in your pocket – and each time you feel it, remember to feel gratitude for all the good things you are experiencing at that moment.

Or you could take a few minutes to record all the positive things in your life in a Gratitude Journal. No matter what your situation, there are always things to be grateful for – and the more mindful you become of them, the richer your life will be.

6. Acknowledge what's working

If you start to see something change for the better, acknowledge that it’s happening and appreciate it. When you find the perfect parking space, acknowledge it. When you get the table you want in the restaurant, acknowledge it. When you receive unexpected income, acknowledge it.

When you meet someone who can help you reach your goal, acknowledge that the universe has your back and is sending you who and what you need to achieve your dreams. The more you acknowledge that it’s working, the more it will work. It’s that simple.

When you make a commitment to taking these simple actions each day, you will move forward with confidence, in the direction of your dreams. Believe that they are not only possible, but that they are already in progress – and they will be.

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How She Does It: Shaina Louis of Laglasseslipper

Shaina Louis was born and raised in the island of  Haiti. She recently launched her start-up Etsy shop, laglasseslipper which came from her life-long motto "my foot is too big for the glass slipper."

It's inspired by the idea that women don't need a "prince charming" to come and rescue them out poverty. Her shop features handmade products styled to being an island vibe to your life, created by Haitian women who are single mothers. Handmade goods for you. Empower a Haitian Woman.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the blog, Shaina. Please share with us how you got started as an entrepreneur. 

Shaina Louis: I'm happy to be here, Deb. You could say I started when, during my freshman year,  my advisor gave me the "ok" to take Social Entrepreneurship when I was looking for an extra class to add to my schedule.

I loved it, and I started thinking what I would do if I had the opportunity. Haiti came to my mind and I was already thinking about adding Women and Gender Studies as my minor. I submitted my idea to the Clinton Global Initiative foundation and got accepted to their conference in March 2015.

Deb: That's impressive. So, how did you get started with your Etsy shop?

la glasse slipper

Shaina: Laglasseslipper is the shortened version of my brand message, "my foot is too big for the glass slipper." My shop is helping women in Aux Cayes, Haiti make a living selling handmade goods.

The goal is to empower Haitian woman financially to reduce male financial dependency, which is very common in Haitian culture. I help other women to see they do not have to get married in order to get out of poverty.

Deb: That's a very powerful mission. Any "lessons learned" from building your business?

Shaina: I learned not to measure my success from applause and validation from others. When you start looking for validation from others, you forget why you an entrepreneur in the first place. My passion is everything.

Deb: What is your inspiration?

Shaina: My mother is my inspiration. She is an example of the "foot is too big for the glass slipper" motto. She raised 3 children in Haiti while going to law school. She gave up the career she worked so hard for, to restart a life in a foreign country in order to give me more opportunities than she had growing up.

My childhood friends, and a lot of women from my hometown, don't have a lot of my opportunities, so I am bringing it to them.

la glasse slipper

Deb: I can understand why your mother would be your inspiration. What are some of your successes and challenges?

Shaina: I was fortunate to get my products into a very well-established retail shop in my area, My goal is to be inside another retail location next year.

My biggest challenge of my brand is making sure that prospective customers recognize  laglasseslipper as a brand and not a non-profit.

Deb: Defining your brand is certainly an important part of building your business. Speaking of that, what's your vision for your business going forward?

Shaina: I am always thinking and coming up with new ideas, My vision is that in 5 years, my small atelier would grow into employing the majority of women that live in the poor area in Aux Caye, Haiti.

The women are currently working  on designing pillowcases and clothing. I want to grow into a lifestyle brand where people can count on laglasseslipper for environmentally friendly home decor, authentic handcrafted jewelry, art, and other goods for the home.

la glasse slipper
Deb: That sounds great. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, Shaina. Please share where everyone can find you.

Shaina: It was my pleasure, Deb. Here are my links:

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