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I’m Deborah A. Bailey, AKA “Coach Deb,” creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio ™. I’m a writer, but for the most part, I am a storyteller. I love to bring stories to life – real stories of the guests I interview on my podcast, the life experiences I write about, and the characters I create in my fictional worlds.

In addition I help clients to tell their business stories by helping them select and create social media content that promotes their brands. (See a bit more about that below.)

After several years in the corporate world, I made the decision to go into business for myself. I combined my writing skills with my desire to coach others (I’m a graduate of Coach U) going through similar changes. In addition to hosting my women entrepreneurs podcast, I’m a writer and an indie publisher of several novels and non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life” and the science fiction novel, “Hathor Legacy: Outcast.”

I also work with business owners who want to select the right social media platforms for their business. No cookie-cutter strategies or "do what everyone else is doing" suggestions. Though my workshops and individual sessions with small business owners, I show them how to cut through the online noise and promote their brands their way.

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My bylines have appeared in Baseline magazine,,,, Working World Magazine and And, I’ve been a guest on Good Day Street Talk on Channel 5 in NYC, ABC6 TV, Fox News Strategy Room and WFMZ TV as an expert in career transitions and reinvention.

In 2008, started Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ because I was interested in hearing the stories of other women who chose the entrepreneurial path. That’s also why I started this blog, which features topics of interest to women entrepreneurs and promotes their products, services and books.  (By the way, I haven’t left the guys out! They’re welcome guests on the show and on this blog as contributors and featured authors).


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So, now that you're here, I hope you have a look around!

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