"How to Get Started with Podcasting"

 20-Page PDF Ebook - $10.00

In 2008 I started Women Entrepreneurs Radio and now over 8 years later I've recorded over 400 episodes. Not only have I networked with entrepreneurs from around the world, but I've also grown an audience who download each show as soon as it's published.

This ebook provides the basics on how to create and start your own podcast.

“Your ebook is an excellent resource.”
– Janet Vasil

The 20-page PDF ebook includes:
*A brief checklist for you to plan what your podcast will be about

*An overview of popular podcast platforms

*Recommendations for microphones and software

*Marketing tips to promote your podcast - once your episode is out there, how will you let people know?

This guide will help you get your podcast set up on the best platform in the shortest amount of time!

“Thank you so much for writing your ebook. It is very clear and concise."
-Nat Couropmitree

"How to Get Started with Podcasting"

20-page PDF Ebook $10.00

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