The Beginning

The idea of starting an internet talk show was in the back of my mind for months. Finally I decided to make the leap and started "Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success" on Blog Talk Radio in November 2008.

Within a week of my sending out a query to my contacts, I had shows scheduled through January 2009. That's when I realized I had something here. So I placed a query on Help A Reporter Out (HARO), thinking I'd get maybe 25 or 50 more responses if I was lucky. To my surprise when the query went out I received over 300 responses within 24 hours. Yes, I had something here.

Most of my excitement is because I finally feel as though I'm connected with my purpose. I've always wanted to know how other women entrepreneurs got started, what their challenges were and how they stayed motivated. I also remember how it was years ago when I was in my corporate job, wanting to go into business and having no idea how to begin.

My mission is to connect the woman entrepreneur with the woman who (right now) just has an idea. It's through working together that we can all succeed. This is the idea and the passion behind the show and this blog.

Update: Women Entrepreneurs Radio can now be found on many other platforms, including Podomatic and iTunes. Check here for links. 

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