Sharon Levy of Taking Tea In Style on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Sharon Levy is the CEO and Founder of Taking Tea In Style, LLC, which was established in 2005. Ms. Levy worked as a Project Manager, IT Specialist and Executive Assistant at several fortune 500 companies including AT&T, American Express, Merrill Lynch and IBM. In June 2007, Ms Levy pursued her dream to launch her own business and create elegant Tea Parties for organizations and individuals, and to teach Tea Etiquette and Table Manners Workshops. Her company offers private lessons as well as monthly workshops which are interactive and fun.

Ms. Levy enjoys entertaining her friends and family and has had numerous tea parties in her home. She loves the tea experience and wanted to create this exquisite and relaxing feeling for others. Her friends and family encouraged her to pursue her dream, so she moved forward to create her company.

Taking Tea In Style was also created to alleviate the stress and hassle associated with planning an event. They bring the tea shop to your location and customize it for your special event. A complete setup, serving and cleanup services are available so that clients and their guests can relax and enjoy each other. Their goal is to ensure that everyone who attends a Taking Tea In Style event will have an unforgettable tea experience.

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