Coach Monica Thakrar on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Guest Host Elena Camp interviews Monica Thakrar, President and CEO of Joyful Soul Coaching, a coaching firm that specializes in holistic coaching focused on body, mind, and spirit alignment. Monica's mission is to help people live joyfully and authentically by finding their true passions and taking the risks to go after them. She believes that when people's actions are in alignment with their true heart's desires they can achieve their greatest dreams.

Monica's own journey began when she began to soul search to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up so that she could live more joyfully. Externally she looked successful, but inside she knew she was not living her best life. She always wanted to help people and she found Newfield Network (or it felt like it found her!). She realized that the holistic approach to living was the most effective way of living a balanced, connected, and joyful life.

Before becoming a coach, Monica worked in the Financial Management
Program at General Electric. She also worked as a Manager in BearingPoint's Organizational Change Management group for over 7 years. As a consultant Monica worked with Executives and mid-managers in large public sector, commercial, and international organizations to prepare them and their organizations to adopt large scale technology or process changes.

Monica is also a graduate of the ICF certified Newfield Network
coaching program as well as is a certified Soul Coach through the
Denise Linn Soul Coaching Program. Monica has worked with numerous
coaching clients in order to live their most joyful lives possible.

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