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Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Mission of the  Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ Podcast

  • Foster a supportive community of women entrepreneurs
  • Help women succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors, providing valuable tips and resources from women who have been there
  • Promote women-owned businesses and support the economic empowerment of women

Entrepreneurs from countries including, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Tanzania, France, Ecuador, Uruguay, Germany and the United Kingdom have been featured on over 400 episodes of the show.

Reviews for  Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

"The whole experience for my interview with Women Entrepreneurs Radio was seamless.  Deborah's team was efficient and accurate in communicating the details, and the process was well organized.  Deborah herself immediately put me at ease.  From the moment we started talking I felt comfortable with her.  She was prepared with questions to guide the conversation and bring us back on track whenever necessary, but listened and allowed the conversation to unfold.  I enjoyed our chat, and I am glad we get to share it with the listeners."

-Melissa Forziat
Melissa Forziat Events

Great Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs
by Lakisha Sarbah
"I found this podcast last week while on social media and I haven't stopped listening yet! The interviews offer so much value. I really enjoyed in episode with Melinda Chen in her discussion about selling to big clients. She provided great insight on who to sell something I am not always comfortable with.

I also enjoyed Ronnika Ann, she is such an intellegent young lady with a wealth of information. I can't wait to listen to all 300+ episodes. I Love this Podcast! Keep up the great work!"

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    * Women Entrepreneurs Radio™  named as one of the:

     Top 7 Podcasts by Women for Women

    Top 6 Podcasts for New Entrepreneurs

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    "How to Promote Your Business With a Podcast"

     20-Page PDF Ebook - $7.00

    Sure, podcasts are popular, but are they right for your business?

     In 2008 I started Women Entrepreneurs Radio and now over 8 years later I've recorded over 400 episodes. Not only have I networked with entrepreneurs from around the world, but I've also grown an audience who download each show as soon as it's published.

    “If you haven’t thought of using a podcast to boost business, you should. Deb’s guide on tips, resources and invaluable advice is filled with all you need to take the next step." –Anaezi Modu

    You can create the "know, like and trust" factor with your listeners. That's how you use a podcast to market your business, to engage your fans/followers and to grow your network.

     “Your ebook is an excellent resource.”
    – Janet Vasil

    The 20-page PDF ebook covers:

    *Planning your podcast before you begin - how to select your podcast name, length, and frequency - if your show isn't consistent listeners won't know what to expect and you'll never build an audience!

    *Overview of popular podcast platforms  - everyone knows about iTunes, but it's not the only podcast platform out there. You'll miss out on listeners if you don't know about these!

    *Equipment and software recommendations - recommendations on editing software, microphones,  how to create graphics and why you have to be careful about the music you use!

    *Marketing tips to promote your podcast - once your episode is out there, how will you let people know?

    “Thank you so much for writing your ebook. It is very clear and concise."
    -Nat Couropmitree

    "How to Promote Your Business With a Podcast"

    20-page PDF Ebook $7.00

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    I’m Deborah A. Bailey, AKA “Coach Deb,” creator and host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio ™. I’m a writer, but for the most part, I am a storyteller. I love to bring stories to life – real stories of the guests I interview on my podcast, the life experiences I write about, and the characters I create in my fictional worlds.

    In addition I help clients to tell their business stories by helping them select and create social media content that promotes their brands. (See a bit more about that below.)

    After several years in the corporate world, I made the decision to go into business for myself. I combined my writing skills with my desire to coach others (I’m a graduate of Coach U) going through similar changes. In addition to hosting my women entrepreneurs podcast, I’m a writer and an indie publisher of several novels and non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life” and the science fiction novel, “Hathor Legacy: Outcast.”

    I also work with business owners who want to select the right social media platforms for their business. No cookie-cutter strategies or "do what everyone else is doing" suggestions. Though my workshops and individual sessions with small business owners, I show them how to cut through the online noise and promote their brands their way.

    Subscribe to my Marketing & Mindset Tips and receive a free ebook: "How to Select the Right Social Media Platform for You & Your Business"

    My bylines have appeared in Baseline magazine,,,, Working World Magazine and And, I’ve been a guest on Good Day Street Talk on Channel 5 in NYC, ABC6 TV, Fox News Strategy Room and WFMZ TV as an expert in career transitions and reinvention.

    In 2008, started Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ because I was interested in hearing the stories of other women who chose the entrepreneurial path. That’s also why I started this blog, which features topics of interest to women entrepreneurs and promotes their products, services and books.  (By the way, I haven’t left the guys out! They’re welcome guests on the show and on this blog as contributors and featured authors).


    Deb Bailey Media:

    Author Deborah A Bailey:

    Deb's Book Reviews:

    So, now that you're here, I hope you have a look around!

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