Discover Your Passion, Change Your Career Now

with Annemarie Segaric

What do you want for yourself in this New Year?

Did you set an intention to finally, once and for all, do whatever you could to move into a career that feeds your passion, sparks your interest and allows you to use your talents and strengths... and make more money?

So, how's it going so far?
Look, it's easy to set an intention (or make a resolution) but we all need some help when it comes to taking action and making our goals a reality. That's why I'm thrilled that my friend Annemarie Segaric is offering a short teleseminar series that is guaranteed to kick-start your new year intentions into high gear... and move you into a career you truly love.

It's called: The "Discover Your Passion, Change Your Career Now" Program.

This 4-session teleclass series is designed specifically to give you the information, support and encouragement you need to get off your you-know-what and claim your ideal career... NOW!

And it's a real bargain! Annemarie has generously slashed the price so that anyone who really wants to make a change can take advantage of this opportunity.

Check out the details and sign up today!

In this 4-session teleclass series, you will learn:

  • The secret to taking those first essential steps towards work you love... even if you haven't an extra second to spare during your busy day.

  • How to eliminate the excuses (and energy drains!) that keep you stuck doing work you can barely tolerate and finally move into the career you've always wanted.

  • How to take action and get moving even if you don't have a clue as to what your passion or "dream job" might be.

  • How to comfortably move out of your comfort zone and reach for what you truly want and deserve.

  • The sure-fire steps to knowing your true purpose and motivation... in both your life and your work.

And so much more...
So, if you're ready to know your passion and finally have work you truly love in this new year, jump on over to the registration page and sign up now!

Register today!

To a New Year and a New Career!

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