Staying Motivated

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by Vanessa Torres

Being new to the world of entrepreneur-ship, I find that one of the challenges is staying motivated after a series of "so-called" rejections.

Part of the responsibility of running your own business is to be your own greatest cheerleader, staying positive when your outreach is met with anything less than enthusiasm.

Whenever I find it hard to cultivate fresh ideas, I remember what is was like to work for someone who was constantly rejecting or minimizing those ideas.

Now, every opportunity is mine to grab, and whether or not it succeeds or fails falls solely on my shoulders. I can pitch myself and my friends, get feedback, mull, rework, and regroup all on my own timeline.

Not always rushing to meet a deadline offers the time to cultivate better strategies. I don't have to watch a good idea die slowly on the vine because of incompetence at a higher level, or politics among my peers.

My strengths shine brighter when there is no interference from others who don't share my goals, or priorities. The success is sweeter when you know it was your sweat that built it. The rewards mean more when the work was all yours to do. Most importantly, despite what a corporation might tell you, you are never finished climbing higher, reaching out, achieving more. Or rather, you don't have to be. :-)

Vanessa Torres, President,

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