Sydni Craig-Hart on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

About Sydni Craig-Hart, Your Virtual Assistant Mentor

Sydni Craig-Hart liberates Executive Assistants from the corporate world by showing them how to become savvy, self-employed Virtual Assistants. Her company, gives Executive Assistants the support, tools and information they need to successfully transition into a profitable career in Virtual Assistance.

She is also the co-founder of Craig Hart Consulting, LLC, a full-service marketing coaching, consulting and implementation firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs boost their revenue, maximize their Internet presence and run productive, efficient businesses. Because of her extraordinary work as the founder of and co-founder of Craig Hart Consulting, she was nominated for the AssistU Virtual Assistant of the Year award in 2008.

For Sydni’s FREE special report, “The Liberated Executive Assistant: How to Break Free From the Corporate Grind and Become Your Own Boss,” and FREE subscription to her bi-weekly newsletter, “EA to VA Insights,” and FREE "Get Ideal Clients Now!" Quick Start Pack visit You’ll find out everything you need to know about the Virtual Assistance industry, what steps you need to take to get started and run your own successful Virtual Assistance business.

Sydni enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, wine-tasting, and anything spa related. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she currently lives in Emeryville, CA with her amazing husband and business partner, Wil Hart.

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