Kathleen Stockham on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Kathleen Stockham is the Co-Owner and "Rebel Baker" for The Laughing Elephant Southern Bakery just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

After nearly 20 years as a Senior Executive in e-commerce and marketing, Kathleen elected to "Log Off" of corporate life and open a business with her husband. After writing a popular political book on ideology in corporate life in early 2008 she wanted to "put her money where her mouth was" and try doing her own thing. She has held executive roles in e-commerce for some of retail's largest and most powerful brands. She is also widely recognized by the media as well, and has been interviewed and quoted in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, iMedia, Forrester, and the New York Times among others. She was also a regular on the keynote and lecture circuit at numerous industry events each year all over the country.

Prior to all things internet, Kathleen enjoyed a 5-year stint in television in the Southeast where she won 2 Regional Emmy awards for Individual News Excellence in live reporting and writing. Kathleen and her husband are quite active politically and are regular fixtures on various political circuits for candidates and efforts both locally and nationally. Kathleen was recently honored with a lifetime membership into the prestigious U.S. Senate "Inner Circle." Kathleen is also an original National Founding Partner for WIPP (Women Impacting Public Policy) and has been dedicated to helping further the advancement of Women in Business. Kathleen and her husband make their home in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and are raising their two children.

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