How She Does It: Lydia Trvalec, Part 1

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by Lydia Trvalec

What is your business?

I am a life coach and actually I call myself an Empowerment Coach.

My business is focused/specialization on working with young, motivated and aspiring women, usually in their 20s and 30s. And I work with them on building their sense of confidence and self-esteem (and a lot of this usually comes up as self-doubt and fear) as they work towards their goals and dreams. Often I work with women who are looking to make a work shift into something that expresses who they are and using their strengths and brilliance.

My business using an inner and outer approach and teaches clients a process for managing their emotions and energy. This process is holistic and integrates beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions. I take them through the process and they learn how to shift their thoughts and beliefs, so that they can begin to feel more relief or feel better, change their point of attraction (I also integrate the law of attraction into my work) and when they do that, they can begin to identify actions that are comfortable and manageable for them instead of overwhelming and trying to do everything at once. (A lot of very motivated women overwhelm themselves with trying to do too much!)

Often times, I work with women who are making some type of work shift or career shift and looking to find their place in the world.

Why did you to start it - what is your compelling story?

My story starts back about 5-6 years ago when I was back in school and on a promising academic path (scholarships and so on, entrance, research) and I was unhappy it just wasn’t a fit for me. I always had a sports background and I was watching the Olympics back in 2002 and saw speed-skating for the first time and really loved it. And decided okay, I want to be an athlete and train seriously. So, I moved across the country and did that. It was the first time in my life I really followed my feelings/listened to myself and what I wanted and needed. And it was scary but also exciting.

I used to work in the corporate world; I was a project manager of a large scale nation environmental project and I had worked towards this position. I thought this was the way to go, I thought I was set to becoming the next VP and I thought this would make my career and I thought this was the impact I was looking to make on the world.

So, imagine my surprise when I got there and it wasn’t all that I thought it was going to be. I was feeling really depressed all the time, drained of energy, I had to force myself to get out of bed and go to work, I was bored often, I couldn’t connect really with my co-workers, I just didn’t want to be there. And then I realized I needed to leave and find something that really worked for me. I thought this was it, but it wasn’t. So, I left my job, took my very first vacation on the beach and let myself just think about what I wanted.

I had spend a lot of time in the past working and being involved in personal development and I realized two things:

1) I wanted to create a great life for myself on my terms and what I felt I needed and not based on what anyone else thought of me or what I should be doing with my life. And part of this was that I knew I wanted to start my own business.

2) I wanted somehow to be involved with helping others develop their confidence to take leaps in life and make changes as well that they felt called to.

Over time, I got involved in coaching and that’s how my coaching business grew and came to be.

Lydia's story will be continued in Part 2.

Lydia Trvalec is a distinguished graduate from one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. After realizing that her life lacked the meaning and fulfillment she needed, she surprised everyone by deciding to leave a promising academic future to move across the country with nothing but 2 suitcases and a dream! This was her first experience with stepping into her power and confidence. Lydia created Sassy Classy Coaching to help empower, support, and encourage young women to step into their power and confidence and create meaningful lives for themselves. Visit her at

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