Due to popular demand...

by Sophfronia Scott

Yesterday's book launch was a HUGE success! Doing Business By the Book quickly hit #1 in three major categories on Amazon.com and was in the top 25 overall! Next week in my newsletter I'll be sharing what I learned from doing this kind of amazing campaign!

Of course with so many people getting involved with the launch, there seemed to be just as many people who got the email too late or couldn't get the book yesterday for different reasons. My launch partners kept emailing me today about people who missed out and wanting to know if there was anything I could do.

Okay, I've decided to extend the launch!


You now have until MIDNIGHT, EASTERN, MARCH 2, 2009 to get Doing Business By the Book as well as the FREE GIFT collection, "The Savvy Entrepreneur's Toolkit"---an awesome series of eBooks and training audios designed to outfit you with the best information available on how to build and promote your business.


I'm happy to offer this extension, now it's up to you to take advantage of it! I'm already hearing from aspiring authors telling me how they're going to put all this great information to good use. You can do the same and start planning for a breakthrough 2009


Best wishes,
Sophfronia Scott

PS: Next week we'll be turning over the campaign site into a media site for Doing Business By the Book, so we'll really have to end the offer on March 2. So get your book--and your gifts--today!

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