Having the Right Mindset

by Dawn M. Nakash

Did you ever wonder why some people, diagnosed with the same ailment, recover or heal quicker than the others? Or some always have positive comments on your ideas, while others only find why it won’t work? The difference is a positive attitude. It’s been said that the mind is the most powerful organ.

I was a nay-sayer at one time until I tried it for myself. I started with a few daily affirmations; I have short positive sayings and prayers around my office so that I see them all day – while I am on the phone or looking out the window – they are working to give me a positive attitude. Then, I started to spread the good news. A colleague was trying to sell her business and her associate was throwing a wrench into the works and I coached her through some positive thoughts and actually “seeing” the actual outcome and she is a convert!

My Dad was hospitalized over this past Christmas holiday and we tried to talk him into letting his mind get him home for Christmas. “See” himself at the dinner table, surrounded by family, laughing, enjoying good food and sharing conversation, his ailments healed. He didn’t believe in this approach and we spent Christmas Day in the hospital and eating Chinese take-out. He still is not fully recovered – he just repeats how bad he feels and how he doesn’t feel like he’s getting better.

The right attitude is priceless – add it to your goals for 2009 and reap the results!

Dawn M. Nakash
Daybreak Marketing Services, Inc.


Joanna said...

Positive thinking and energy are so important. Thanks for the reminder and sharing your stories.

Joanna said...

A positive attitude and positive energy are so important in life. Thanks for the reminder and thank you for sharing your stories.

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