Julie Barnes on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

After 18 years in the corporate jungle of crunching numbers all day Julie Barnes broke free of the cubicle and realized her entrepreneurial dream of starting her own business. In September of 2007 Julie started the groundwork rolling to make Let's Coordinate a reality. This included obtaining a domain name, setting up a website, proper business insurance, filing the LLC and branding the business with a logo.

Julie continued the foundation by obtaining training in specialized areas, such as, real estate, publishing, internet marketing, e-commerce and blog design.

She stays on top of the latest trends by reading business books, magazines, industry related blogs and attending webinars. Julie provides virtual assistant services to coaches, speakers, authors and online business owners.

When Julie is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, walking in the park with her dog, Hank, reading, listening to music and shopping.

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