Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

by Karen Sperling

• Entrepreneurs start out with a dream

• They make goals for themselves

• They are ambitious

• They ask questions

• They listen

• They have a plan for getting where they want to go

• They review their plan often and change it when

• They won’t take NO for an answer

• They are always open to learning

• They view every experience as a learning opportunity

• They use their strengths and recognize their weaknesses

• They have mentors and role models

• They make mistakes

• They learn from their mistakes

• They celebrate small victories

• They are not afraid to follow the path less taken

• They pick themselves up and they keep going

• They keep their eyes on the prize


Nickeyh said...

Good things to point out - very important to think about. Another good thing for an entrepreneur to do is to join networking groups - both local and virtual. For example, if you're a VA, is a great site; local Chambers of Commerce are not too costly and provide a wealth of information and contacts!

Yvette said...

I agree with all the points. I have been in business since 1997 and think that every point made is very important at different times. To read my personal story go to

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