Goals 2.0 - Is Your Brain On?

by Paula Pollock

It’s pretty predictable: we set a bunch of goals early in the year with the best intentions. This year is going to be better, different, profitable. Then about the time Super Bowl rolls around, we blow our diets and realize it’s not the only thing we’ve blown. Instead of forgiving ourselves, we give up and chalk up another year of irrelevant New Year’s resolutions. You know the reason we do this every year? We don’t have the courage to change what we say inside our heads. We let ourselves believe that we are stuck with ourselves. 2009 is time for a divorce!

The news is all doom and gloom. Oprah is on her 3rd show about saving money and clipping coupons. Mass depression is selling and the world is buying! Let’s break free of the hypnosis and revisit our original goals. What’s your reason behind each of them? Drill down to the emotional reason and feelings you would have when you have achieved these goals. If you are not re-energized by each one, they probably aren’t that compelling for you. Back to the drawing board.

Once they are really compelling, it’s all in your head. Make sure your brain in on. Because, the saboteur is you! Belief that you can and deserve to have the things you made your goals is what many preach and they are correct. However, if you ever learned to throw a ball or ride a bike you know it’s rearranging the skills you already have to form a new pattern. So, you really can do all these things. You just haven’t imagined yourself arranging your current abilities that way.

E.g. Procrastination: If you find yourself procrastinating a particular project, sit with yourself quietly for a minute. Ask yourself why you really don’t want to do it. It’s probably something you’re not sure about or afraid to try. If it’s that extra helping or dessert, stop again and ask yourself about the reasons you want to lose weight. Perhaps you have a reunion or a health directive that’s more important. Controlling your self-talk, not allowing your bratty little ego to weaken your focus and finding bigger reasons to change your outward behavior and inner yap is how to succeed.

Darkest Before The Dawn: For a while, I actually became very fond of the occasional bouts with my ego. Before you call me a hypocrite let me share. Without fail when I would have a “poor me” moment, the next day something amazing would happen. The great part is now I have very few of those moments because I’ve learned my ego is idiotic and wrong.

To Do:

  • Pay attention to what you’re thinking when you fall out of the new-and-improved vision you have of yourself;

  • Study the why behind it for a minute without judgment, and

  • Accept that this is something you need to overcome instead of throwing in the towel.

You’ll have a much greater chance of making it further this year than any other with any goal. When you can be gentle with your former self and lead your bigger self to choose new behaviors, you will make small steps towards your big goals.

Paula Pollock is Director of the Pollock Marketing Group: helping business owners attract consistent clients with less effort. To receive her quick-read, weekly marketing tips and her Special Report, “7 Client Attraction Secrets That Will Double Your Income,” Visit her site to sign up. www.paulapollock.com

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