The Right Timing

by Elena Camp

I am working at Inner Wisdom today and I am feeling really good. I have been wanting to find the best way to manage my online business with my offline business. I haven't done a teleclass in a few months.

I decided at the beginning of the year I would start a internet radio show but nothing materialized. Then yesterday, Billie my business partner, said we should do an internet radio show together ! HELLO !!

I was really excited because this is a perfect way to blend the two businesses and continue to reach my virtual audience and connect it with the work I do at INNER WISDOM.

Sometimes you will have a great idea, but lack clarity and/or motivation on how to implement it. This is a perfect example that when you set the energy in motion for your idea, ex. writing it down, talking about it or just giving it a lot of thought, you may not see the physical manifestation for a while. I am often reminded of the principles I teach and this time is no different. I had to trust that when the time was right for my teleclasses and radio show to manifest they would and all the excitement and enthusiasm I needed to do it would follow.

Trust that the universe is loving and abundant and whatever you do is never just for you but for the good of others. My show or should I say our show will benefit both of us no doubt but together we will be able to offer much more. Timing is indeed everything !!!

Elena Camp, Energy Guide & Law of Attraction Trainer discusses how to attract clients and abundance for your business. Elena teaches practical tools and processes to help her clients leverage spiritual laws and principles to create joyful, abundant lives. Her company, Pure Vibrations, LLC provides personal and spiritual development services and products.

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