Dr. Amrita Sawhney on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Dr. Amrita Sawhney is a radiation oncologist trained at New York Presbyterian Hospital, part of the Cornell and Columbia hospital network. Throughout her career in medicine, and even before, Dr. Sawhney paid close attention to the way in which people managed their healthcare information. She learned a great deal, not only from those who managed their healthcare fairly well, but also from individuals who did not.

Dr. Sawhney combined those lessons with her medical training and practical experience and created My Personal HealthChart™. She then applied the lessons learned from observing how parents managed their children's health-related information and created My Child's HealthChart™. Each health chart is designed to help people organize medical information and manage their time more effectively to get the most from each medical appointment.

Listen to the live or archived show: www.blogtalkradio.com/CoachDeb

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