Ria Moore Benedict on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Ria Moore Benedict left her high-profile government and attorney position to pursue her passion – the i-love-me collection. And as we know, all great ideas stem from a real life passion. Her inspiration stemmed from an unhealthy past and a desire to live the life she deserved. She was confident, savvy, always on the go and an overachiever, but all the salary and possessions didn’t prevent her from losing herself. Once she made the decision to love me, she ended an unhealthy 6-year marriage, lost 50 pounds, learned how to say "no," and eliminated the dis-eases that ruled her life, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and celiac disease. After reinventing herself, she now handles life as the truly confident, loving, and savvy woman who was always waiting to emerge.

The company’s mission is to create workshops that uplift and inspire women to be loving towards themselves. Then when “real life” gets you down, the i-love-me products are there to reinforce a positive message that touches a woman’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. The collection includes fashion tees, tote bags, “diva” glasses, soy candles, body massage candles, jewelry, and more.

The products and workshops mentioned and other helpful information is on the website at www.ilovemecollection.com.

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