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Designer Dyane Bradley

In my life, I've often changed paths. I've kept myself open by learning from the pearls of wisdom I've discovered along the way. I believe, creativity is like water, completely versatile and flowing. When I allow my Muse to guide me down the creative path, I am always surprised and delighted by what I find.

My creative journey began at my mothers kitchen table. I usually played there while she cooked. From crayons and then oil paints, I moved on to crocheting, knitting and sewing. I used to make all my clothes and would make things for my friends if the purchased the materials. At the forefront of my creativity was what I believed to be a promising dance career. Unfortunately the dancing career was taken from me and I was left with trying to find a different path for myself. At long last it has lead me here and I am happy creating Unique Hand-crafted Jewelry that doesn't follow fads or trends but appeals to the Woman posses her own sense of style.

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