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Jenny Ford

Kids will be kids. And stylish moms want to keep them looking cute as a button. For Jenny Ford, understanding this age old truth brought forth more than peace of mind during her morning dressing routine with her two young daughters. It brought her into the world of entrepreneurship.

Meet all the collection of Monkey-Toes, 11 different styles to suit the pickiest of finicky feet.

Monkey-Toes, Ford's line of fun animal themed footwear, blossomed from a single mother's dream of being a stay-at-home mom and an all-American business owner. Inspired by her daughter's long toes, the name "Monkey-Toes" was a perfect fit for the collection of hand painted children's sneakers and matching socks.

Jenny understands today's parents and has a great eye for style - two traits that she finds indispensable to the success of her company. She effectively balances her roles of business owner and mom. While raising her two daughters, the Colorado native works away looking for next next big idea for her one-of-a-kind shoes.

Jenny Ford is a graduate of the University of Colorado where she earned a Bachelor's degree in business with an emphasis in Finance. Prior to launching Monkey-Toes she worked in the event planning field. She loves her girls, is passionate about her business and uses a carefully orchestrated combination of Red Bull, chocolate, and Starbucks Soy Chai Lattes to stay on top of it all!

Jenny is currently the mom of 2 and a half (one on the way, due in December), wife to an amazing husband, blogger for, Tweeter, Facebooker, etc, etc.

Monkey-Toes have been seen on tons of celeb-tot feet, including Suri Cruise (on Oprah!), Violet Affleck, Sam Sheen, Max and Blakesley Sutter, Liam McDermott and several others. Visit Jenny's site at

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