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Donna Maria Coles Johnson

Donna Maria Coles Johnson is known as the Chief Executive Indie, empowering people the world over to enjoy business as a lifestyle, create wealth on their own terms and become the CEOs of their businesses and their lives. A popular blogger, small business expert, attorney, author, business owner, media personality, and devoted wife and mother, Donna Maria understands firsthand the challenges of running a business and managing a home. She is proof that you can do both without compromising either. Donna Maria graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelore of Arts in Journalism. She was awarded a Juris Doctorate degree from the Catholic University of America, where she served on the prestigious Law Review.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson is the author of the "Lifestyle CEO Book: How to Break all the Rules, Build Your Own Corporate Ladder and Create the Life You Love." She is Success's "Business As A Lifestyle" blogger and the founder and president of the Indie Beauty Network, a trade organization representing independent business owners in the beauty industry. She is also the National Work At Home Network Directory for Mocha Moms, Inc., a non-profit organization supporting mothers of color who exit the traditional workforce to be more available to their families. She is the Washington, DC Small Business administration's 2003 Home-Based Business Advocate of the Year and an expert in the growing field of business as a lifestyle. She left her lucrative corporate law career to launch her own business in the mid-90s and has never looked back. Visit Donna's site at

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