Julie M. McWherter & Laura G. Varnon on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Julie M. McWherter and Laura G. Varn

President and CEO, Laura G. Varn

With more than 14 years of national business, communications and marketing experience, Laura possesses the leadership, drive, passion and business acumen necessary for the creation and sustainability of a new business. Currently vice president of corporate communications and media relations for Santee Cooper, South Carolina’s state-owned power and water utility, she holds a B.A. in broadcast journalism from Ohio University. She is married and has two children.

Creative Director, Julie M. McWherter

With more than 11 years of creative design, insight and interior design applicability, Julie possesses the flair for the creative, ingenuity, graphic design and color management skills. She is currently president of ‘Interior Insights’, an interior design business. She holds a B.A. in interior design from Ohio University. Julie is married and is a stay at home mother for four children.

prettySMART! LLC

Laura and Julie are sisters, three years apart. Growing up, one of us was tagged the ‘smart’ one; the other, the ‘pretty’ one. We’re turning these adjectives on their heads, tongue in cheek, by making them our company name. We hope you think the Azula™ is prettySMART! and helps simplify your life. Visit their website at http://www.itsprettysmart.com/

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