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Kristen Marquet

Kristin Marquet comes from a line of business savvy and creative entrepreneurs; her father was a high-end jewelry designer and retailer while her mother was a painter.
Inheriting her parents’ autonomous nature, desire for success and after working in the corporate and legal worlds, Kristin realized she needed to be in control of her own destiny, which meant working as her own boss. She saw the inefficiencies in the various businesses in which she was employed and discovered ways to dramatically improve those inefficiencies.

Kristin was the head of marketing for a law firm. After she had enough of office politics, she took the risk of starting her first company Marquet Communications. Her clientele expanded rapidly, and the company evolved into a boutique firm that specializes in online branding and public relations.

Marquet Communications’ mission is to generate better return on investment dollars with effective copywriting and online public relations and branding. It does not matter whether it is a print advertisement, a social media campaign, a website, or press release Marquet Communications understands that strong copy, branding, and publicity are the keys to generating quality leads and converting those leads into existing customers.

Kristin completed her undergraduate degree in Literature. Since then, she has been studying the principles of human nature, psychology, and the power of influence so she can better understand consumer-buying behavior.

To learn more about Kristin and her online branding and public relations services, visit and see what she can do for your business.

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