What do you SEE???

by David Neagle

In business and in life we see only what our brains tell us to see. This can be a difficult thing to overcome because we surround ourselves with agreement in every direction.

Whether it's our pain or our pleasure, we have been conditioned to see things accordingly. Meaning: whatever will validate that pain or that pleasure. Even when we seek the advice of others, we must be sure that the people looking will "see" objectively and not just tell us what they think we want to hear. It isn't easy to hear what we don't like and our minds want to keep us in the safe place that has been created there, even if it hurts in our day to day life.

In business, all the money, fame and success we want is here just waiting for us to grasp it. It is ready to come in at any moment that we are ready to let it, but if we only "see" all the reasons why we can't, we block our reception of it.

I just returned from a long over due trip to Maui, a very peaceful and serene place... so much so that from the moment you step off the plane, you are pulled into a peaceful state. Here's what important to "see": it's the people of Maui that are feeling at peace, adding to the peace of the environment itself. Yes, the environment is powerful also... but what's even more potent is the apparent decision of the population to be in harmony... to receive Spirit in each moment.

Here's an example of what I mean: I went to several places for dinner while I was there and each time was astounded by how audibly quiet the space was, even though the restaurants were full of people talking. It was like this at every place I went. When I got back to San Diego I took my kids out to dinner at a small but nice restaurant and was in body shock at how loud it was. It was so loud that we could hardly hear each other talk. I thought this was very interesting because the people all "seemed the same", but clearly they were not as their environment was representing the chaos of what they were feeling inside.

When we navigate through our business and our lives, we really don't realize how much we are reacting to our unconscious perceptions of what is going on around us. When we do realize that we are reacting to something, we start looking for agreement to justify how we are feeling... and you know what? We find it!! What do you want to find in your life? Love? Success? Health? What are your circumstances suggesting is your reality? Suggestions are nothing more than unconscious projections from your mind making you believe that everything is happening to you. Guess what it's not true!!

You have a choice and with that choice you can create anything you desire.

Activate that choice everyday and let yourself bask it the peace that is all around you!!


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