Are You Communicating with Your Clients and Prospects?

by Deborah A. Bailey

A couple of years ago two large wine stores opened up in my town. In that same area there were already 3 other stores within about a five-minute drive. I wondered how all of these stores would survive in a small, yet densely-populated suburban area. Right now one of the larger stores is on the verge of closing, and the other new store seems to be doing a brisk business. What was the difference? The last time I went into the more-successful of the two stores, the employees all went out of their way to greet me. The cashier was friendly and the entire experience was very pleasant. They decided to let everyone who walked in the door know that it mattered that they were there.

It is imperative that you to do things to let your clients and prospects know that they're important. That also includes honoring your commitments, paying attention to your client's wants (which may not be the same as their needs) and giving them value.

Some business owners feel that cutting back on prices is a way to keep business coming in the door - or keep it from leaving. The downside is that price cuts can only last so long. You have bills to pay and expenses to meet. Cutting back on your worth will not be a sound business strategy for very long. Besides, those prospects who buy on price won't stay because you lower it. Instead of putting yourself into that no-win situation, give your current clients more service and make them happy to keep coming back.

So what are some ways to boost your communications with your customers and prospects?

  • Ask your clients what they want - don't assume that you know.

  • Make contact with your clients, face-to-face or by phone. Set aside a time to check in with them just to see how they're doing.

  • Think out of the box for ways you can implement new services or products. Don't just follow along with what everyone else is doing.

  • Stay enthusiastic about your business. You can't be negative and expect to make sales.

  • See if you can freshen up your marketing or use different ways to reach out to your clients and prospects.

Right now a lot of business owners are pulling back or thinking in negative, defeating ways. The business owners who find new ways to communicate with and delight their clients and prospects will be much more likely to achieve success.

Deborah A. Bailey is author of two non-fiction books including, “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life.”

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