Marketing Intelligence Teleclass

Monday August 31st
5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT

Dial in info will be emailed a few days ahead so please sign up here to be notified

Bring your questions!

I am super excited to listen to Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette interview her next guest. He is a brilliant investigator and the creator of Market Intelligence. I hope you can join Sarah and Jim Cooper of Conscientia Research for this FREE hour of incredible content. Q&A to follow


Jim is going to demystify the process of learning how to look at your not yet developed idea, or at your current business through new eyes. Discover the secrets to getting ahead of your competition by researching their weaknesses and strengths. Gain momentum by studying your own market trends and taking advantage of them.

What does Jim recommend researching?
*Current and potential customers.
*What kind of people are they?
*Where do they live?
*Are they able to buy?
*Am I offering the right product?
*Is my pricing consistent with what buyers value?
*What do customers think of my business?
*How do I compare with my competitors?
*What is my market risk, penetration, returns?
*Does my product have crossover points in other sectors?

Let's have fun and see how we can grow our companies!

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