"Own the Room" Teleclass

Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette will interview Cindy Yantis of Own The Room and get her to share some of her secrets with you next week on how to attract and hold the attention of your listener. Tuesday August 11 @ 5pm PST.

* Ever get that pit in your stomach when you think about calling a store or an editor?
* Ever feel like you are stumbling over your own words?
* Ever wonder if your pitch is captivating?
* Ever feel like everyone can hear your heart beating?
* Do you want to feel confident in front of everyone?

These are super common fears and concerns that most of us share. Cindy will reveal a few of her secrets to overcoming these fears and will give a few pointers of how Owning the Room can be so powerful.

"There's so much more to owning a room than good presentation and pitching skills, or knowing how to interview or audition well. These are learned techniques or semantics, which are important but not the secret. And, believe it or not, focusing on the end result of booking the job or getting the verdict is not the answer either. You know it when a person owns a room. You see and feel their presence." says Cindy.

Hope you can make this call. Q&A to follow.
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