Quick Marketing Tips for Steady and Long Term Growth

by Kristin Marquet

With today’s marketplace so cluttered, business owners have to differentiate themselves from the rest of the bunch. Continue reading to learn some of the fastest ways to market your business in a cluttered market.

All marketing material images and tones should coincide with your brand. Website, postcards, mission statement, slogan, brochures, newsletters, letters, press releases, bios and firm description should be consistent.

Develop a mission statement that tells who you, what you do and how you are going to add value to prospects’ lives

Come up with a neat and interesting slogan

Develop a calendar of events of all the things you have scheduled that involves marketing
Create a press page for your website

Diversify your marketing efforts between print, electronic, television and radio

Try to attend at least two industry conferences per year. If possible speak, host, or present at one of these events

Create some type of newsletter for your readers either online or print

Get involved by participating or sponsoring local charity efforts

Get to know complementary business owners, you just might be able to joint venture with them or organize a cross promotion

Tip sheets should be created showing how you differ from everyone else. Include these differentiating tips as the basis for all branding strategies

Post all scheduled appearances on your website

Join the local Chamber of Commerce to network with other business owners in the community

For more tips on marketing and branding from Kristin Marquet, visit www.businessmarketingsolutions.wordpress.com or call her at: (917) 355-2225

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