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DeBorah Beatty

For more than 20 years, DeBorah Beatty has been a business coach and trainer helping startup, work-at-home, freelance, and mom-and-pop businesses save time and money by reducing the amount of back office time, increasing productivity and decreasing production time; getting you back to the business of your business and not the tedium of paperwork and humdrum day to day activities.

DeBorah has spent her life in the School of Hard Knocks and has graduated Suma Cum Laude! Her Disconnect Your Oughta-Pilot(tm) and Living A Created Life programs are becoming a standard for those who wish to claim control of their lives and manifest their visions.

She’s survived natural disasters, bad relationship choices and has lost everthing several times. She’s been injured on the job and flat on her back from botched medical procedures. She knows what it takes to pick yourself up and keep going because you're committed to a dream.

As a single mother, she’s done whatever it took to pay the bills while still trying to do what she was “supposed to do”. She has spent time in every field from agribusiness to Zen studio design. She’s been a flight follower for an airline in Arizona and worked on a trauma team as a Respiratory Therapist in California. With over 20 years in the corporate world as well, DeBorah brings an elevated level of hands-on experience to every interaction.

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