Are You Ready to Leave Your Job and Live Your Life?

I'm sure that there are a number of you would love to escape the corporate rat race and live a life of freedom doing what you really love. I'm excited to tell you that past "Women Entrepreneurs-The Secrets of Success" radio show guest Annemarie Segaric is helping people do just that!

If you don't know Annemarie she is a former corporate employee who changed careers 8 years ago and lives her life's passion: showing you how to leave your job, live your life's purpose, and STILL pay the bills. She's an author and has spoken at places like Barnes & Noble, Cornell University, Vogue Magazine and has been featured on Weekend Today in New York, Eyewitness News, Yahoo Hot Jobs and more. Annemarie is nationally recognized as a career transformation expert.

Annemarie has a brand new DVD/Action Guide program, "Leave Your Job and Live Your Life."

If you're feeling stuck in your job and are thinking that really should be doing something entrepreneurial, she created this DVD/Action Guide program just for you!

She knows firsthand what it was like to be in a "good" corporate job but miserable and constantly wondering if you'll ever figure out what work would make you happy. Annemarie put this program together for those of you who want to know what it takes to break out of your J.O.B., do something meaningful, AND make the kind of money you want to make.

Don't go through another Sunday night dreading Monday because you're so unhappy in your job. Let Annemarie show you how you can have the freedom AND life fulfillment you crave.

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