The Difference Between the Speaker and the Speakerpreneur(TM)

by Marquesa Pettway, Your Speaker Coach

Are you an expert that commands high fees and gets repeat bookings and referrals, or just a speaker that struggles to get hired, or usually speaks for free?

Speaking well is important, and does not always lead to paying gigs. Being an expert in your field is important, but does not always mean you're a good speaker, or that you can command high fees. But, a Speakerpreneur means you are an expert that speaks powerfully, command high fees and operates like an entrepreneur.

The question is...Are you a "speaker", or a "Speakerpreneur"(TM)?

The differences are:

The Speaker: Gets booked every once in awhile "and their impact may not be memorable, which equals "0" repeat bookings or referrals and usually no, or low fees.

The Speakerpreneur(TM): Gets booked for their knowledge first, and then blows the audience away by providing them with content and a follow-up system that results in repeat bookings, referrals and a following.

The Speaker: Gets exhausted trying to market to the world, because they speak on everything!

The Speakerpreneur(TM) Speaks & Markets under a brand with a clear niche (or two) and offers tons of resources related to that brand. Like a radio show, for example.

The Speaker: Struggles to get paid the high fees because they cannot justify it to the client.

The Speakerpreneur(TM): Gets paid high fees for their programs and resources because they are in high demand, known as an expert in their niche and offer value-added programs and resources for the client and their audience.

The Speaker: Speaks occasionally and leaves right after the program.

The Speakerpreneur(TM): Speaks and shares several resources with their audience. In addition, stays in front of the audience via an ezine, social media, radio show and other marketing tools. They have the intention and the means to create, build and maintain an on-going relationship with the audience.

The Speaker: Eventually stops speaking for income and takes a job that will pay the bills.

The Speakerpreneur(TM): Grows their income by earning with multiple streams, gets more clients by implementing lead generation tools, becomes well known, develops high-caliber systems and reaches the six figure income level and beyond.

Ok, so do you want to be a speaker, or a Speakerpreneur(TM)?

Three tips on how to operate as a Speakerpreneur(TM) and position yourself as a Expert:

Choose your niche and learn everything you can about your area of expertise. Solve your target audiences problems!

Create a brand that reflects that expertise and keep it visible via the social media sites, marketing materials and your resources.

Put a team in place that supports you and allows you to be the best expert possible by allowing you to focus. This support team includes a virtual assistant, online business manager and/or a coach.

Need help becoming a speakerpreneur?

Reinvention Expert, Speaker Coach and Radio Host Marquesa Pettway publishes the twice-monthly e-zine "The Speakerpreneurs(TM) Ezine" with thousands of subscribers. If you're ready to operate as Speakerpreneur and grow a profitable speaking business and could use easy-to-follow steps, visit for a free gift and the Speakerpreneurs(TM) FREE e-zine.

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