The Great Merger: Marketing, Manifesting & Miracles!

by Mariana M. Cooper

Are you living and playing full out? The old adage work hard and play hard may have been true in the past but in this new energy work and play are merging! We are in a time now where things that used to take a week to come to fruition can come to pass in an hour or less!

Our negative thoughts, our positive thoughts even our neutral thoughts are sent by us into this new grid of energy and they are magnified thousands of times faster and more powerfully than even last year this time!

It is so important as Enlightened Entrepreneurs that we step up in our businesses NOW and see the Bigger picture of what we are doing! Our Work is both our passion and our purpose and our clients or potential clients are waiting.

Some Key Questions For Enlightened Entrepreneurs To Consider:

Are We defining what our passion is and how it can be of service to others? (Choosing our Business)

Are WE playing full out? (Declaring that we are in business and letting the world know)

Are We figuring out Who our work will best serve? (Ideal Client)

Are We finding them and communicating with them often to understand what they most need and how we can help? (Marketing Research)

Are We letting them KNOW that we are Out There to assist them in getting answers to a block or obstacle that may be standing in the way of their forward progression and BLOCKING them from moving forward to bring their gifts out to the world? (Consistently Advertising and Promoting what you have to offer)

Are We setting prices for our services that are fair and will fully support our lifestyles and (So you can stay in business long enough to serve) actively charging our clients for our work so there is an equal exchange of energy? (Pricing and Abundance)

In one word this aspect is known as Marketing.

Are we willing to get quiet and envision all that we desire, respecting the fact that if we can dream it, it is available to us? Are we letting the Universe know on a daily basis that we are WILLING to move forward and Serve? (Setting Intention)

Are We managing our thoughts, our words and our consistent actions and sending them out into the powerful energy grid consciously and deliberately? (Affirmations)

Are We recognizing and honoring even the smallest sign of forward progression, synchronicities and answered prayer (Gratitude) which is the Universes way of saying "YES we hear you and we are all over it. Hang in there, because even if the whole thing is not configured yet, it is on the way!"

Are We OPEN to RECEIVE payment for what we offer without guilt and to recognize that payment often comes from a variety of places, not just clients and sales? (Willingness)

In one word this aspect is known as Manifesting.

When we as CONCSIOUS ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEURS are consistent and Merge these 2 powerful aspects of Marketing & Manifesting dreams do come true and Miracles become a daily habit! And we all deserve that!

The World is Waiting... Are you Willing To Shine?

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Intuition Expert and Mentor. For more information, products and services go to:

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