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Rebecca Carlson

Rebecca Carlson
Publisher, Purely Delicious Magazine

Rebecca Carlson has been an Art Director, Creative Director and Graphic Designer for the last 17 years and won her fair share of recognition, including the prestigious Telly, One Show and National Addy Awards for her work with clients in the Travel and Entertainment field. Rebecca has worked with such industry giants as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Paradise Island, and The Peabody Hotel.

After receiving a diagnosis of MS in December of 2005, Rebecca decided to use the crisis to make some major life changes. Starting with her diet, Rebecca evolved into eating a raw diet. She also addressed her stress levels, another major factor contributing to health problems. The result of these two efforts was a complete transformation of body, mind and spirit for Rebecca.

As Editor and Publisher of Purely Delicious Raw Lifestyle Magazine. ( Rebecca now uses her design skills to present the raw food lifestyle in a way that is fun, entertaining and informative.

Rebecca is also co-owner of 123RAW.COM an online retail store devoted to offering a fabulous line of green gifts ranging from organic clothing to bamboo sheets, cookbooks and raw foods.

Her philosophy is to laugh, love and inspire. She believes each small step that we take towards a healthier body, community or planet should be celebrated.

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