Get Your Procedures In Order

by Alba Henderson

Due to my recent challenges, I had to fully rely on my assistant’s and put my trust in others to handle certain aspects of my business affairs and tasks that I normally handle myself.

Thank God that I had procedures in place that made that transition very easy.

For example:

  • My daily routine

  • Following my marketing and networking calendars

  • Procedures for contacting key people and clients and completing priority work

  • Sign ons and passwords

  • Financials

  • Continued work on projects in progress

  • To my wonderful readers who own small businesses, this is a very important task to complete TODAY! Take some time today to evaluate and put this in order, it will ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY stress. Make sure you have a trusted person(s) whom you can rely on. If you do not have person(s), then consider hiring a virtual assistant, it is worth the investment.

    Of course some things will have to remain as is until you are able to tackle yourself, (this is a reality), however, the benefits are, that your business will not suffer, you will not lose any business, hopefully not, and you will keep your clients happy (very important). So, put your procedures book into play, place it where it can be found and go on about your business.

    Alba Henderson

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