Stress and Health Tele-summit

Dates: Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6pm EST from November 10 - December 15, 2009
Cost: $0

Do you know that over 75% of all the diseases in the US are stress and lifestyle related? Are you looking for more ways to understand the link between stress and health and find alternative ways to live a life of health and wellness?

This is your invitation to attend an eye-opening teleseminar series that will lead you on a journey of self discovery as well as increased health, joy, passion, and confidence in your life.

Monica Thakrar of Joyful Soul Coaching will interview eight stress and health experts to provide you with insights on how stress is impacting your health, what you can do to manage your stress, and practical tools, techniques and methods that you can begin using right away to feel enhanced energy and well-being.

Listen to the speakers stories of leading lives of health and wellness and learn how to begin to implement these strategies into your life. Learn what you can do to bring increased relaxation, fun, and enjoyment into your day to day activities.

Register for this transformational, no-cost event in two easy steps:

1) RSVP here:

2) Watch your inbox for call-in details

If you have ANY health or wellness goals for 2010 (or maybe you know you should but haven't set them yet!) THIS IS FOR YOU!

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