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Anaezi Modu

Anaezi Modu, Founder and CEO, REBRAND™, has extensive experience in design and strategic repositioning to meet business objectives.

REBRAND™ is a forum for case studies and programs on effective brand transformations. Its leading program, the REBRAND 100® Global Awards, juried by an esteemed panel of international design and business leaders, is the highest recognition for brand rebuilding and redesign in the business arena, and is the only global program of its kind. Small businesses, regional, non-profit, and multinational entities are eligible for recognition.

Prior to founding REBRAND, Anaezi was Senior Vice President, Brand Experience and Strategy Director at Bank of America. Before that, she was Senior Vice President, User Experience and Interactive Creative Director at FleetBoston Financial. Her broad range of professional experiences have included running her own multidisciplinary design practice spanning from architecture and interior design, urban design and master planning to information architecture, communication design and brand strategy. This was the impetus for starting REBRAND, and facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration to achieve various goals.

Anaezi continues to work to further learning in integrating design and business to achieve organizational goals. She accomplishes this via programs and businesses she initiates, writings, presentations, teaching opportunities at Harvard Graduate School of Design's Executive Education Program, Rhode Island School of Design, and through various professional organizations and board positions.

Anaezi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University, and a Master of Architecture and Design from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, incorporating studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Visit Anaezi's website at

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