Women Entrepreneurs - The Secrets of Success for Monday, November 30th

Deborah A. Bailey, writer, speaker and host of "Women Entrepreneurs-The Secrets of Success" will share how you can use entrepreneurial traits to connect with your purpose. You don't have to be a business owner in order to think like an entrepreneur! Find out how you can use entrepreneurial qualities such as having a vision, and taking risks to overcome obstacles in your career. Do you believe that being a certain age or only having experience in a particular industry limits your future opportunities? Tune in for part two of a three-part series that's sure to change your perspective on what's possible in your life!

Deborah A. Bailey is the founder of DBC Communications, LLC which provides transformational in-person and online workshops for entrepreneurs and employed professionals. http://www.dbaileycoach.com

12:00 pm EDT
Listen to the live or archived show at

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