Desperation Generates BAD Leads

by Paula Pollock

Have you ever had a slow month or a slow quarter and starting feeling desperate? It's a scary place to be, but we've all been there. The unfortunate byproduct of declining revenue is desperation and its evil spawn - poor quality leads. And if you allow yourself to believe these leads are potential customers, you will continue the downward spiral where these fictitious prospects 'kick-the-tires', waste your time, rarely convert and if they do, become nightmare clients that take you in directions you never wanted to go.

Quality Starts with You - Envision yourself at a shopping center with two escalators: one going up and the other going down. The highly successful businesses have learned that allowing their focus to waiver towards desperation is like taking the first step onto the down escalator. It's going to move them to a place they do not want to be and they know it. They catch themselves the second the doubt arrives and they mentally squash it immediately and take a step on the 'up' escalator - even if it's a small, tentative step.

Crystal Clear Targets - Humans have a tendency to want to keep options open. We don't want to make decisions quickly or at all, sometimes. We want it all. Choices mean saying no to something. Regarding clients, it translates into too broad a target. You've heard me and practically everyone else in marketing tell you how important having a niche is. Well, it's even more important in targeting and attracting quality leads. How can your best possible prospect choose your company if you're trying to make the entire world happy? If they don't think you are solely interested in their needs, they will move onto some company who will.

Attract, Assess, Adjust, Repeat - To assure your success in generating quality leads you must dedicate yourself to the process. Just sending out a single sales letter, writing your website once and forgetting it or running a static ad once is an utter waste of money. You need to monitor the performance of your tactics constantly. And if they are attracting the wrong prospects, you need to adjust something. Even when you attract the right leads, then you need to continue to adjust but now for quantity.

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Paula Pollock is Director of the Pollock Marketing Group, further assisting good companies in becoming great through outsourced marketing services with her team of professionals. PMG supports business marketing at all levels from DIY, short-term projects and campaign corrections. You can sign up to receive her Marketing Tips newsletter at

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