Healthy Eating for the New Year

by Janet Gomez

The New Year but it is fast approaching though getting through the Christmas period is what most of us are thinking about at the moment. However, straight after it the New Year is with us.

Typically it's the time many of us are regretting the excesses of the Christmas period and thinking about how we can improve on our eating habits and get healthy for the New Year. In anticipation of these thoughts I'm going to share with you nine of my favourite tips that can be used during the holiday period and beyond!

Choose attractive foods. Remember we start "eating" with our eyes and if the eyes are happy, our stomachs and our mind are more likely to feel satisfied more quickly.

Eat meals at the same time each day. With regularity comes stability at all levels.

Allow a minimum of 3 hours between meals to allow the previous meal to digest properly and leave the stomach before having the next one. Ideally wait to feel at least a little hungry before eating.

Drink plenty of non-sparkling water between meals and sip warm water with meals only if thirsty. Drinking too much fluid with meals dilutes digestive juices so that our meal will take longer to digest and/or won't digest properly.

Eat warm organic freshly-prepared local seasonal food. Avoid reheating food if possible. Ideally only cook as much as you need to eat for each meal and enjoy it soon after it has been prepared.

Make lunch (between 12 and 3pm) the main meal of the day. According to Ayurveda this is the time when your digestive capacity is at its highest. So you'll digest what you eat more easily and more quickly!

Eat dinner early, around 7pm, especially if it contains raw food. In Ayurveda, it is known that raw food takes more energy to digest than cooked food.

Eat light and warm meals in the evening,

Eat a variety of food and in moderation. Variety is the spice of life and quality instead of quantity keeps the digestive system happy.

What next? Put aside enough time to prepare and eat food calmly. Observe how you feel after each meal. What is your energy like?

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