Who Will Lead You to Success in 2010?

by Marquesa Pettway

Yes, you can do it by yourself...but without accountability, struggle and a lack of commitment pop up regularly. I truly believe that individuals that recruit a mentor/coach are serious about getting to the next level professionally and personally. Studies show that people who have the structure, accountability and support from a mentor/coach are generally more successful and complete their goals.

In this article, I share tips for choosing a mentor for 2010 that will help accomplish your goals for 2010.

Tip #1
In most cases, a mentor has accomplished a certain level of success that you aspire to reach...this allows you to stay motivated, inspired and educated.

Tip #2
It's really beneficial to you if your mentor has a system or program in place. Making it up as you go along can work in some situations but professional systems get results.

Tip #3
The connection is really important. You need to be able to share the good, bad and ugly with your mentor. It helps to have a good rapport and enjoy communicating with them.

Tip #4
Does your mentor have a mentor? It's important that mentors have someone to hold them accountable. (I call this walking the talk.)

Tip #5
Your mentor needs to stretch you, and at times, make you feel a little uncomfortable. This means challenging you to be your best and pushing you beyond your comfort level.

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Think of the tips I shared and choose a mentor/coach for 2010!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this very much. I have not found many blogs for women that nurtured their spirit and their passion. This was delightful to read.

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