Hitting Your Stride!

by Mariana M. Cooper

As we move forward in our new year we are full of reflection on past dreams, goals and accomplishments and revising them to meet our current desires and needs. It is so interesting to see how easy it seems to write the dreams and goals down yet when it comes to taking action many fall short. We have a tendency to work in fits and starts.

Like dieting it starts off with a bang and as soon as the challenge of the necessary discipline and hard work sets in along with temporarily having to give up our favorite treats we loosen the rules and eventually give up until the next attempt.

What is missing is sticking with something long enough to adjust to the new limitations and actually giving yourself the chance to get enough rewards to make it all seem worthwhile. In the beginning of any worthwhile endeavor there is a lot of letting go of the old and building the muscles for the new.

When it comes to starting a new business or bringing one already in place to the next level there is a period of time where it is JUST NOT FUN! It can be nerve wracking and yet exciting when we are not sure if something will ultimately work out or not.

The real goal is to stick with something long enough to "hit your stride." This is a term athletes use to describe that point when you have trained long enough to break the old habits, establish the new habits and build a consistent level of reliable performance with ease and EFFICIENCY.

Fits and starts are so inefficient. One week we work like maniacs, the next we sabotage it with self criticism, excuses and self doubt and we keep starting over again at the beginning, never allowing ourselves to find our balance and work efficiently toward our goals.

Why do we stop ourselves? I have found that my clients get stuck due to one of three things:

1. They don't know HOW to do something and then stop
2. They are afraid to do something and then stop
3. They feel uncomfortable with a particular process and then stop

Then there are the hidden reasons like

1. Feeling afraid of failure and then stopping
2. Feeling afraid of success and then they stopping
3. Letting the opinions of others dictate how they feel about what they are doing

I have not mentioned money here because to me that is really not an issue. It is the biggest excuse for inaction. There is ALWAYS something that you can do to move forward toward our goals that does not cost anything. Meditation is a good start. Invoking a 10 minute period of silence dedicated to receiving guidance on the next step is one of the most efficient and powerful things you can do for rapid success.

Then there is going to the bookstore and gathering information, attending networking meetings, interviewing someone who is successful at what you are doing and researching with google or other search engines.

When we actually do something long enough to get through the start up and hit our stride of consistency only then will we start to see the rewards that we truly want and need. The big pictures of success that we have sitting on our vision boards and chirp about with our affirmations are created from the day to day commitment to ourselves, the ones we serve and the courage to be true to our heartfelt work.

Taking the steps and putting one foot in front of the other is the most efficient way to walk across the floor and to realize our biggest dreams.

Whatever you decide to do stick with it long enough to "hit your stride" and get to the joy of success that you truly desire and deserve!

Author: Mariana M. Cooper, Aha! Moments, Inc. Intuition Expert and Mentor. For more information, products and services go to: www.trustyourahamoments.com

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