Step Up

by David Neagle

I wrote before about the sly guises of opportunity. I’m returning to that today because it’s so important that you learn to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that show up in your life.

When an opportunity presents itself, it comes cloaked in your situation or circumstance, your fears and insecurities. I can see the opportunity but you may be blind to it. I told you before that years ago the opportunity for me to move from $20K a year was around me for two years, but I couldn’t see it. It took my mentor pointing it out to me, but still I resisted for a while. Why was that?

When a cloaked opportunity shows up, it comes with a key. The key to turning the lock on that opportunity is the fear, insecurity or whatever it is you have to part with in order to step into the opportunity. It shows up as the very thing you want to avoid, which is whatever causes you pain.

For example, if you have been taught that money is the root of all evil, or that you have to be frugal, the opportunity will cost you money. If you have problems with rejection or ridicule, your opportunity will risk you being rejected or somebody being upset with you.

You will have to step out of security, whatever form that might take.

The opportunity shows up that way because you’re dealing with universal laws. You’re dealing with your purpose. You’re dealing with this desire that wants to manifest in your life, but it can’t do it to the benefit of humanity, which is what it’s designed to do, until you step up to it and move through your fears.

Otherwise, those fears, insecurities and hidden beliefs in your subconscious become like veins running through you that pervert what you manifest. Eventually, the enterprise or business ends up reflecting the hidden belief structure.

Let’s say a man’s business failed and he doesn’t understand why. The why was his belief that someone from his background could only rise so far. That belief manifested as what he saw as an insurmountable barrier. It created his reality and pounded away at all the trigger points within him until he backed off. He gave up because it became too painful to continue.

If he had understood that the only barrier he faced was internal, then he could have stepped through it. He would have realized that his fears don’t have to stop him and that he can rise as high he wants.

Now, additional fears or perceived obstacles would have continued to arise for him. If you have a fear, it will come up. But when you have the experience of moving through fears, you build confidence and you keep progressing. You stay on track regardless of the fear-based voices inside of you and the fear-based opinions of others.

That’s what Henry Ford did with the V8 engine. All the educated and experienced scientists said it was impossible. But Ford said, “I don’t care what your facts say. This is what will happen.” The scientists were limited by manmade knowledge. Ford was unlimited because he tapped into universal knowledge.

Like Ford, you have a choice. You can decide to step up. You can accept the opportunities that exist in your life.

You can decide, right now, to be the person you are meant to be.

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