Dressing for the Interview

by Tayelor Kennedy

Going on a job interview is nerve racking enough. But, then you have to think about how to make not only a good impression but a lasting one as well. With a tight job market, you've got to pull out all of the stops to compete with other applicants that may be younger than you. The first thing to know is classic style is what you want to present to your potential employers. Unless you're working in a creative industry that is more tolerant of trends, stick with the smart chic look. From your briefcase to your shoes, you can wow your prospective employers with these easy tips.

1. No matter what time of the year it is, black, tan, brown, navy or grey always work whether your preference is a suit, dress or separates. You don't need to go out and purchase a new outfit as long as what you choose to wear fits well and is in good condition. If you've been out of work for a while and want to get your clothes professionally cleaned, save the cash and head to the grocery store and invest in Dryel®, the at home dry cleaning system.

2. Monochromatic dressing is flattering to any figure just remember to add complimenting color with your jewelry, shoes, handbag and portfolio.

3. Shoes do not need to be new but they should be in good condition. Take them to the local shoe repair shop and have the heels redone and polished. Also always opt for closed-toe shoes with a mid to low heel.

4. Your nails should be clean and manicured. If you wear polish, it's best to go with clear, soft neutrals or a French manicure. If you want to get a professional manicure for half of the cost, cosmetology schools offer manicures as well as hairstyling services at a discounted rate and they do a good job.

5. It's fine to wear make-up to an interview. If you're not sure of the application technique or which colors to wear because you've just had your hair colored, head to the cosmetics department and get some advice and a free makeover. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and for a worksheet with instructions. All of the counters have them. The makeovers are free of charge at most of the cosmetic counters but just ask first to be sure. If you don't wear makeup that's great too. Just make sure that your brows are shaped well and invest in a bottle of tinted moisturizer and clear mascara. It will make your eyes appear more open and bright.

Preparing for an interview does take time so as soon as you get the appointment it is time to start organizing for your audition. If you have a favorite professional outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in, wear that. Be sure to try the entire ensemble on including applying make-up so that you'll feel positive on the day of the interview. If you don't have a leather portfolio to put copies of your resume in, borrow one or purchase the best one that you can in a color coordinates with your handbag and shoes. Also, if you're not familiar with the location of the interview, take a test drive so that you'll know exactly where you're going.

Follow these steps and you'll land that new position with ease.

Tayelor Kennedy is an experienced skin care expert, stylist and make up artist in the Tri-State area as well as Boston. She is currently penning her first book, Absolute Style and Beauty, has written for various magazines and websites on all beauty related areas. Her areas of expertise are complete makeovers, bridal fashion consulting, and custom eye brow shaping. For more information about Tayelor, visit www.theeverythingbridalgirl.onsugar.com, or, http://absolutestyleandbeauty.wordpress.com. Tayelor can be contacted at tayelorkennedy@yahoo.com.

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