Let's Collaborate and Conquer All Day Women's Business Virtual Tour

Presented by: Alba Henderson, author and entrepreneur
Date: Monday, February 8, 2010
Time: 10:00am-8:00pm

This is a great advertising opportunity that be held at Alba's blog, "Your Focus." An all day event from 10am - 8pm Eastern. Comments will be monitored and redirected to each individual participant.


* Stop by, say hello chat with your customers and enjoy great conversation.
* Opportunity to create great collaborating projects with other great entrepreneurs
* Opportunity to increase in sales
* 100% Exposure
* Live follow-up chat on skype

Sign up Now...Deadline for your business entry has been extended for readers of this blog - sign up no later than midnight, Saturday, Feb. 6th.
Submit to: alba@i-virtualassist.com with the subject line: Business Tour.

* Name of Business
* 1 Link
* Business Description: Limit 5 lines
* 1 photo jpeg only
* 1 discount or "freebie" give away for the first (5) readers to leave a comment for you on Alba's blog!


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