Taking That Leap of Faith

by Jackie Lapin

Most of us live in fear of taking that big, bold step into the unknown. How do you give up the known for the unknown, for insecurity, uncertainty and who knows what else? Clearly for a lot of people, it's terrifying.

But consider the possible upside. Your life could be better - certainly no worse? You could make more money, have more love and see your dreams realized! You could be leaving behind insurmountable baggage and traveling a new pristine path filled with joy, exciting adventures, satisfying new experiences and wonderful new people! Most of all, if you have been resisting that inner voice that speaks from your heart, and you make this new commitment, you will be living the life you were intended to live.

And here's the best part! When you take that first step into the future - even if you cannot see where you are headed - the Universe will open the next door for you. When you take the step after that, another new door opens. Do you remember movies where the heroes stop at a giant chasm and wonder how to get across? But once they take a step in faith, one step on the bridge after another magically appears until they are across the divide? That's how the Universe works. Make the commitment to change toward something positive and life-enhancing and the Universe will reveal the steps as you need them.

So how do you take that first step?

1. Breathe - Take a deep breath. Breathe out the stale complacent energy and breathe in fresh new energy. Do this ten times and feel yourself relax into it.

2. Meditate - Get quiet and then get clear on where you are headed. What it is you want to achieve through this change. Take all of your fear, imagine bundling it up in a leak-proof container and shipping it to the Center of the Earth, where it is consumed in molten lava. Then open yourself to the support that the Universe is sending you. Bask in that gracious support and let it fill you with optimism and joy.

3. Find Your Center, Ground, Empower Yourself - When you finish meditating, rise up and stand with your two feet wide apart, solidly planted. Ground yourself by seeing your feet as roots extending into the Earth. Feel rooted and stable, gaining strength and steadfastness. Notice how you are starting to feel empowered. You have support from the Universe, you have stability from the Earth, now feel your own empowerment growing, filling your entire body. Observe this empowerment growing in your heart! Feel this vibrant energy coursing through your system, and extending out through your aura or energy body. You are bursting with positive empowered energy.

4. Declare Your Faith - State your faith in the Universe to help guide you toward your highest good as you take this next all-important step. Know the Universe is carrying you along in its embrace, welcoming your commitment. Express your gratitude for this assistance and for the doors that are opening to ease you into your new life.

5. Discover Your Courage - Like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, uncover your hidden well of courage and let it flow forth. You are a courageous person; you were born with the ability to stand in your truth. Remember that you are not alone on the journey; you have help!

6. Set Your Intention - Now that you are clear about your ultimate goal or objective, state your intention to the Universe clearly and succinctly, in visual detail and with the beautiful emotions of joy and wonder. Then write it, post it around your home, put it on a Vision Board or in a Vision Box...do whatever you need to do to create it as a physical living embodiment of your intention for success.

7. Act As If, Believe - Even if you are having doubts about the outcome of your new endeavor, Act As If it were to be a great success, and proceed with vigor under the assumption that it will. Put your belief in the next step, and then do it again with the one after.

8. Let Go of the How - Don't worry about all the details. Surely, you need to plan, prepare, and activate the right steps to create a successful endeavor. But you don't have to know every detail ahead. You've set the course and the Universe will take care of the rest. Be open to "course correction" by the Universe, so you can take advantage of each new opportunity.

9. Ask for Guidance - Just before you take your Leap of Faith, invite the Universe to direct you, counsel you and create a smooth pathway. Remember that you must be open to receive this. If "receiving" is not easy for you, here is where you must adjust your "antenna" so that you don't deflect the wisdom coming your way.

10. Take the Step - Now's the time! Quit that job, start a business, release an old relationship that doesn't serve you, sell the old house and buy a new one, move across the country, make a large investment in your self-growth, get married to the person you love - whatever it is, if you truly feel in your heart that this is something you passionately desire, than make the commitment and allow your glorious future to unfold before you!

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World." Sign up to receive Jackie Lapin's life-changing fr*ee ebook: Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future by going to http://www.theartofconsciouscreation.com/blueprint-ebook.html. To explore more books on Conscious Creation, go to Jackie's online bookstore for the Conscious Creator, www.manifestbooks.com, where you can also sign up to receive a Manifesting Tip a Day.

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