Marketing VA's: How They Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business

by Sydni Craig-Hart

One of the best ways to grow your business and increase your income is to specialize in a specific type of virtual assistance.  One option is to offer marketing support services.  There is an ever growing need for marketing virtual assistants, particularly those who specialize in Internet marketing.

The two things EVERY business owner wants are 1) to make more mo.ney in their business and 2) to have more time to enjoy being self-employed.  A VA who specializes in marketing and is directly connected to creating more profits and increased productivity will make herself invaluable to her clients.  This type of virtual assistance is not just about supporting the entrepreneur to run their business effectively or waiting for the client to ask for help.  It's about taking initiative and being proactive about completing tasks and projects that create more opportunities for exposure and revenue in the client's business.

Speakers, authors, coaches and consultants are part of the growing group of business owners who are hiring VA's to help them market their business effectively. They've found that they just don't have the time or the expertise to market themselves and their services. To create the desired results, marketing needs to be done in a focused and consistent way. By hiring a VA who specializes in marketing support, business owners can focus on their gifts and developing their business, while the VA executes their marketing plan to attract more clients and customers.

The marketing VA can do so many things for their client such as:
  • Blogging - Setup, maintenance and promotion
  • Email marketing  - Email blasts, ezines, setting up autoresponders and more
  • Research, secure and prepare for speaking engagements
  • Email marketing  - Email blasts, ezines, setting up autoresponders and more
  • Research, secure and prepare for speaking engagements
  • Research and coordinate  joint venture partnerships
  • Social media marketing - Research networking opportunities, increase exposure, maintain/update profiles and more
  • Create and help to launch information products
  • Manage the client's affiliate program and relationships
  • and so much more!
The skilled small business marketing VA is a powerful business partner for her clients.  As a marketing VA, you can solve your client's two biggest challenges - how to market effectively and consistently increasing their revenue.
The skills needed to be a great marketing VA (meaning one who creates results for her clients) are quite varied, depending on what niche you want to serve.  But in general you need great communication and writing skills, analytical and problem solving skills, advanced knowledge of Internet marketing techniques and advanced people and negotiating skills.  By providing marketing services for your client, you can help them increase their revenues and even help them expand their business. Your expertise and knowledge will yield greater results than if the client tried to do it on their own, and you can help them prepare for their business growth.   Keeping up to date with your training and skills by investing in training and coaching will ensure that you are able to help your clients efficiently and effectively.  
If you want more information about how to tap into this popular and lucrative market, you can learn more by investing in some professional training courses. The popular and comprehensive courses offered by and have helped many VA's expand their business and increase their earning potential. Remember, investing in your business development and education is key to a successful VA business - make sure you allocate the resources to stand out from the crowd.   

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