4 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle for Women Entrepreneurs

by Shannon Wills

No matter how much we hate to admit it, women do have to put in extra effort because it is a man’s world. And although we may fight to fit in and eventually do so, because we are physiologically different and considered the “weaker” sex in terms of brawn, there are times when the struggle takes a toll on our health and leaves us drained and exhausted. Women are trying to do it all and succeeding – they are able to manage their homes, workplaces, and their personal relationships without shirking responsibility, but this success sometimes comes at the cost of their health. It’s not that hard to preserve and safeguard this great asset that we are blessed with at birth; all women entrepreneurs need to do is put in a little conscious effort:

1. Eat right: It’s very easy for busy entrepreneurs to forget to eat and then just grab whatever is available when hunger pangs strike. But this not only ruins your metabolism, it also plays havoc with your overall health in the short and long run. If you’re in the habit of keeping hunger at bay with unlimited cups of coffee or easy snacks like doughnuts or bagels, then you’re already in the danger zone. Make a conscious effort to make a positive change – wake up earlier to enjoy a small breakfast, eat lunch and dinner at around the same time, and keep healthy snacks at hand to satisfy hunger pangs throughout the day. It may seem odd at first to pay so much attention to food, but it’s your body and you have only one chance to keep it healthy.

2. Exercise regularly: I can almost hear the “I have no time” excuse when it comes to exercise, but I’m not going to accept it because all you need to stay healthy is 30 minutes of exercise four times a week. You can walk, jog, play a game, cycle, swim, work out with weights, do yoga, sign up for tai chi or pilates or aerobics – it just has to work your limbs and muscles and boost your blood flow. Exercise helps relieve stress and boosts your energy levels, besides keeping you active, fit, healthy and slim.

3. Find ways to de-stress; it’s not easy to avoid stress altogether because the workplace and home are both equal pressure zones, so the next best thing is to find ways to get rid of the stress. Do whatever works for you rather than following the herd – take a break once in a while with your friends or family or go away by yourself if that gives you peace and quiet; on an everyday basis, go for a jog, play a sport, listen to music, go for a long drive, take a warm bath, get a massage at the spa – whatever you do, it should serve to make you feel good about yourself and leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Tackle problems proactively: And finally, your mental approach to problems in life determines how healthy you are in the long run. If you obsess over every tiny issue and fret about it, you’re going to suffer ulcers and other stress-related illnesses. Rather, push your brain to work out a solution to those problems or tackle them differently. When you don’t let troubles push you down and instead try to claw your way back up, you feel positive and energized; this gives you health an added boost.

Shannon Wills writes on the topic of Physical Therapy Assistant. She welcomes your comments at her email id: shannonwills23@gmail.com.

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