8 Ways Your Mentors & Advisors Can Help You Grow Your Business

by Maria Simone

There are several distinctions that can be made when describing someone who is thriving, or has the potential to thrive, in business.

One of the things I look at is how well they’ve surrounded themselves with movers and shakers in their industry, influencers, investors, business experts, and so forth.

Having such a diversity of talent close by can help accelerate your success in ways beyond your wildest imagination. Here are 8 mutually-agreeable ways you can work with Mentors and Advisors to help achieve your goals. Access www.the15minutementor.com to quickly find the Mentor resources you need next.

1.  Let them share their experience of having made the journey.

Have someone on hand who has traveled a similar path in business and ask them to help you with future pacing. They can easily stay a few steps ahead of you because they’ve been there and know the trail. Knowing your options means fewer obstacles, less risk and acceleration to your goals.

2.  Allow them to offer Moral Support.

It’s imperative to have someone around you who can be your moral compass and/or provide emotional support. That will help you stay grounded and reduce the number of “what was I thinking” crazy kind of days that occasionally do pop up.

3.  Position them as a funding magnet.

Someone who has raised capital and turned it into profit or has achieved success in your industry can probably duplicate their efforts. This is a huge risk reducer and investors like that.

4.  Receive CEO/Leadership Development Support.

You’ll want support as you evolve your inner-self so that as your business grows, you’re able to effectively lead your team.

5.  Help understanding financial forecasting.

You may have “people” that manage your books or run your numbers but it’s also helpful to get perspective from someone who has managed millions or even billions in revenue if this person isn’t already on your payroll.

6.  Let the connectors open doors for you.

Why stand in line when you don’t have to. Let someone else make the necessary introductions to new business and other opportunities. Move past the gatekeepers.

7.  Ask the creatives to help you innovate.

Brainstorm with your creative and visionary advisors to come up with amazing new product or marketing ideas or ways to package it all.

8.  Allow the influencers to help celebritize you.

If you are associated with people who are highly regarded in the public’s eye, chances are your status will also be elevated as they make your connection public. Similar to what a book endorsement does for an author.

About Maria Simone

Maria Simone is a dynamic speaker, author, and transformational business strategist. As the “Passion To Prosperity Diva”, http://passion2prosperity.com she helps entrepreneurs package their talents to create 6 or 7 figure businesses. Maria has started 4 businesses, has had online and offline success, and raised over $1.5 million in funding for various projects. She’s appeared on ABC News, Fox TV, and in Business Week, Success Magazine, and many other publications.

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